The TRUTH About CBD in Skin Care – Is it worth it?

It is estimated that the CBD market will reach $16 billion by 2025. But why? What does topical CBD actually do? Is it worth your money? Is it even legal?


  1. Hi Jen yes real authentic pure FDA approved CBD brands are magical- but right now there are legally only 13 companies that will be legally allowed to sell their products once prohibition ends and regulation starts. I use and sell the top brand in the game and Am in shock with how much is cleared and smoothed my skin and wrinkles from sun damage tanning medications stress dryness it literally did it right as I applied the cream and was shocked when I looked at a video I made the next morning of how young and smooth and bright I looked. Just do your diligent research on what you buy and make sure there is ALWAYS a QR code to scam on the labels to view the documentation and legitimacy of the product. Please contact me for more info or questions I will be making cbd videos more regularly ! Hope I helped

  2. The fda will not acknowledge all of us using cbdoil to fight my inoperable brain tumour, my MRI proves my tumour has stopped and shrunk, #fact 3 others using my protocol have stopped their tumours, America is saying that surgery is the only options, it’s not. If in Canada use spectrums yellow oil, I take 10ml a day at night. I can not tell u how much better I feel, the drs r very excited as this is ground breaking, we’ve had friends who used cbdoil waiting for surgery’s, only to be opened up and found the tumour and cancer dead. The fda cares about big pharmaceuticals. I agree the so call cbd crazy is ridiculous, it u have a medical conditions, u must ingest quality cbdoil, if u have cancer it’s THC that allegedly kills cancer. The fda holds only who it wants to bully. I will not be silenced, once mine tumour is dead, I will go public, as many don’t live long after 8hr brain surgery, these tumours can grow back if the surgeons don’t get the whole tumour, cbd stopped my tumour immediately.. ❤️👉🏻🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  3. I consult at a cannabis dispensary. one of the most common misconceptions in the public is that they expect CBD only products to do anything without any THC content.
    cannabinoids activate using the 'entourage effect', and CBD will not activate without trace amounts of THC.
    hemp oil makes an excellent barrier moisturizer if you want to cut out petrolatum and/or lanolin.
    fight for cannabis legalization in your state.
    get your flowers from us, and your clean cosmetics from Drunk Elephant.

  4. In 1981, I worked at a local hospital as a phlebotomist. I became friends with a patient who had leukemia. He was prescribed by a doctor marijuana.. straight up THC. This is how it happened.
    In 1978, The Federal Government…IND (Investigational New Drug)
    passed the "Compassionate Use Program" which supplied cancer patients with two different types of THC. One synthetic the other just regular marijuana. Six states conducted studies comparing smoked marijuana Vs synthetic oral marijuana (Marinol). Studies proved that regular marijuana was safer than synthetic marijuana (Marinol)
    Many people don't know that this even existed, and that doctors were allowed to prescribe marijuana in the 80's. Well I'm here to let you know that it did. I would walk into his hospital room to draw blood, and he would be sitting back smoking a big fat one.
    The one huge mistake the government did was to take this program away when it was so beneficial to so many.
    There's a reason that it is growing out of the Earth's soil. I just wish the government would understand that too!!!!!

  5. @Maggie LeRoy…my mom suffers from Parkinson's, and I have tried different ones with no luck. I noticed you didn't mention what your father is taking, but is there any chance that you would be willing to let me know what it is? My heart breaks seeing my mom go downhill when I know in my heart that there is something out there like you found. If you're willing to share this information please let me know. We can figure out the best way to contact one another. I would be forever grateful. Thank you, Janis

  6. Be careful when flying internationally. The drug sniffer dogs & equipment don’t differentiate between CBD & THC. The border authorities have said that CBD oil is a problem and as of a month ago they recommend you don’t travel with even cosmetics and skin care with CBD oil in. We asked both American and Canadian authorities and got that same answer. We also saw the video on the news about the Orlando Disney arrest of a grandmother who had CBD on prescription.

  7. I haven't tried CBD skin care (well rather today is the first day I'm trying Canukka healing balm on my eczema) but I do know that cannabis is in fact magical with its healing and medicinal properties (and I use it for fibromyalgia). I don't think people should be skeptical about CBD claims in itself just because the "research" isn't there, because the government has blocked any of that for decades yet there are countless people who have used it and reaped its benefits, even to cure skin cancer! However, I WOULD encourage people to be skeptical about the products they are purchasing to make sure they have real CBD in quantities required to provide the benefits they are looking for. This would probably be better saught through medical cannabis dispensaries than all these big makeup companies that are throwing CBD on a label just to be trendy.

  8. I have been dealing with anxiety since childhood and in the past couple of months have been taking CBD oil drops. It works for me. My anxiety level is much lower. The quality of product is very important though

  9. Love this video! I use CBD orally to assist with anxiety/ depression and for some pain management, and while it doesn't do so much for my pain (chronic migraines and bulging disc), it does a ton for my depression and anxiety that is made worse by it. I don't know how I feel about it being applied topically in cosmetics, but I know that our compound pharmacy makes creams and stuff for people to use with CBD in it

  10. i’ve used an organic hemp seed oil moisturizer both on face and body and noticed visible improvements in skin texture, nail health and softer feet, and walking is my main means of transport.
    my friend with exema/ psoriasis used the same product and went from tomato face to baby skin. i guess it depends on source, quality and formulation

  11. When Sephora starts to sell CBD creme, you know this stuff is the right one to bet on.
    CBD is for me a life savior, for my gf too! she has a big depression and anxiety, and CBD is a such good for her! For now i only order on​, their flowers are very good and they distribute other CBD brand oil, and cheaper ^^ Keep on the good work <3

  12. I’ve never used CBD in makeup, but I have an ointment that I use on my knees. I have inflammation in my knees that no one has been able to help me figure out yet. My knees swell to the point that I can barely bend them, and it’s painful to sit, stand, or walk. Pain killers don’t help. The CBD is the only thing that helps. Doesn’t cure it, but makes life more bearable. It’s also the only thing that helps this rash I’ve had concurrently with the knee pain (probably related). It keeps my rash from breaking out when I use it regularly. It’s finally healing. I can’t live without CBD at this point.

  13. My cousin used a cbd face product in middle and high school for her acne. Our moms got it for her. I don’t know what the name or brand was but it was this thick green cream that she would rub on her face after washing and it cleared her acne and worked way better than all her proactive and dermatologist products. I also use something called cbd freeze for pain in my hip. I had hip surgery about 4 years ago and still have lots of pain and aching and the cbd freeze works way better than icy hot or bengae(not sure how to spell) and goes deeper to relieve the pain in my joint. I swear by it for physical pain and joint pain.

  14. In the credit card processing world, we will shut ‘claims’ down real quick if we see them… meaning, we give you 10 days to fix those claims or revoke processing rights. And this is for Topicals only. Edibles are not supposed to be sold via online with credit cards. That too (edibles) will get you shut down! Lol

  15. I haven't ventured very far into the skincare side of things with CBD, as my current regimen is working just fine. I use the Milk Hydro Blur, which I love, but I can't say if it has had any impact on my skin. CBD and weed in general has been really effective at helping dull my migraines, as a sleep aid… Also, prior to legalization in Canada, I smoked occasionally but quit because it made me sleepy in the morning. Within a year of quitting, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since smoking again, my medication has been decreased. It seems like too much to be a coincidence, and there have been studies that suggest it is possible. I doubt it fulfills all of the claims people make, but I think with more research, we'll find that there really are a lot of benefits.

  16. It's not cosmetic, but my MD highly recommends CBD oil taken orally for inflammation in the body. But, you can't just buy anything that has it on the label. He recommends brands that test with independent labs to prove the products actually contain what's stated on the label.

  17. QUESTION: The ingredient label on my CBD oil says ¨phytocannabinoid oil¨, not CBD. How do I know if this actually has CBD in it? Or any product for that matter. What do I look for on an ingredient label?

  18. I haven't tried CBD for skincare except for samples, but CBD/MCT tincture has done a lot for my partner who has TBIs. Im not sold on the effects of it in skincare yet, so I'm not investing till i have more info

  19. I do give my 14 old toy poodle, with back arthritis CDB oil twice a day and doggie Metacam (doggie Motrin) once a day. This seems to help her greatly and I got her off the narcotic pain medication that was initially prescribed. Haven’t tested hemp oil for sebbothea flakes in my face, but washing my flaky areas with Head and shoulders shampoo along with Cerave
    Hydrating facial cleanser along with La Roche-Posay Lipkar Balm AP+ (for face and body)afterwards, has totally cleared up my face. The later has skin probiotics in it and since I take low dose antibiotics daily for a chronic problem, this regimen has cleared up my face!!! The Cerave cleanser and the AP plus lotion are both accepted by the Eczema

  20. I'm glad people are coming out finally and being realistic about CBD oil and what it can and cannot do. I suffer from PTSD, Depress and Anxiety. Last summer I lost my job and couldn't afford my medication for my disabilities. All of the Health Food Stores in town were claiming that it would help with my PTSD, Depression and Anxiety… So my mom got me a bottle. First day, I didn't feel bad. I didn't feel different. I wondered if it just needed time to take effect. Time goes by and it wasn't working. Full on panic attacks started happening. Nothing was working. So I went back on my medication. Long story short – Dont mess with meds when you know you need them. Don't use CBD oil to treat mental problems. It will not help you.

  21. Jen I want to know if I use these products will my urine drug screen show up positive? I work in a place where routine drug screens are a thing and I am never going to use these products if that’s a possibility.

  22. Thank you, Jen. I'm a nurse from Colorado, and I'm pro-weed. But more than anything, I'm pro-STUDY. It irritates me that makeup brands make claims that I know aren't supported in the medical literature…and further, what IS supported (usually by very small trial studies…such as specific types of childhood epilepsy) in the literature are at doses much higher than they'd put into a cosmetic. I do believe topical CBD is helpful for pain, as I've seen it work for my patients. But because of the lack of research, we don't know for sure how much, what types of pain it's helpful for, or why. And I have never seen anything be a "cure" for cancer in all my years as a nurse. Thank you for bringing facts to your viewers and encouraging critical thinking. Love, Michelle, RN

  23. My sister has used CBD in an electronic pen and she said it helps her with anxiety tremendously. I'm interested in trying it in liquid form for chronic pain. Research definitely needs to continue to understand the ongoing benefits but it is very promising to say the least.

  24. The Kiel’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate has literally changed my skin. I’ve suffered for a decade with adult painful cystic acne, have used rx retinol for over a year, I added this on a recommendation from an acne-prone clerk. And within DAYS I was clearing, acne was smaller and less irritated. This is my “for life” product. I apply it to clean dry skin, let soak in, and proceed with my moisturizer.

  25. Topical CBD oil (NOT hemp seed, I did loads of research) breaks me out really, really bad. And I have almost no problem with any oil breaking me out.

    Tbh, I think CBD is just hyped.

  26. Not necessarily CBD on beauty, but CBD really helps me with pain management. I suffer with chronic migraines since I was 7 yo, being sometimes weeks at time on bed; it really me to get some relief.
    Note: my psychiatrist told me that he cannot recommend CBD in terms of mental issues due to the lack of research on these topics. Also, that whenever using CBD you should be aware of the possible damages to your liver because the data has been consistent on how CBD can cause significant damage to the liver.

  27. I’m an Influencer for Perfectly Posh and we offer CBD oil in varying levels in intensity. The oils are said to be able to be added to any face or body products you already use. I don’t have any customers currently that use it but I have spoken with and seen before/after photos of ladies who have and they all seem to have very good results. It’s nice to read the responses on here from others who have had positive results from the use, thank you all.

  28. I've known CBD oil to help people with pain, although I have never had that effect, I think individual biology plays such a large part in that and more testing needs to be done, as for makeup/skincare again I am very interested to see what other people claim, I imagine hemp oil would be as helpful as any oil for dry/damaged skin although there is an allergy risk.

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  30. I have nothing against cannabis and it certainly has some benefits, but people are acting as if it's a miracle cure for EVERYTHING. Nothing is that perfect. I've smoked it myself in the past as it is supposed to help with anxiety but it absolutely did not for me. It made me even more paranoid and anxious!

  31. Maybe person by person it works, but all the claims that are being made remind me a bit too much of medical history. Like maybe it’ll treat one thing, but we know that anything that claims to be a miracle cure is not one.

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