1. As funny as this is, i feel bad for bill, edibles ain't nothing to fuck with and shame on that dispo for not actually telling him what to do before he got them, he needed to be with someone who knows guid him through that, marijuana isn't for everybody, if it had been me i would have been pissed at the guy.

  2. "You gotta cough to get off" I hate that myth so much, "coughing makes you more high", no it doesn't, it makes your throat dry. So dry, that I end up drinking a gallon of tea until I'm pissing like a race horse and my stomach hurts from all the sugar….Not good.

    A cup of unsweetened tea, and a Marlboro Smooth cigarette is all you need.

  3. Edibles hit you like a hammer.
    Start with a corner of the brownie first, and wait half an hour to see how high you're going to get.
    DO NOT leave the brownies where you can see them.
    Make sure you have a good supply of snacks to keep you distracted.

  4. He actually makes the point that a lot of advocates for legalization have been making for decades: shamans or guides are absolutely crucial with drug experiences. Because of prohibition, you have to rely on your brothers creepy stoner friend or the internet instead of someone with knowledge who can help you understand and get the most out of the experience.

  5. I am one of the lucky ones that has a mother that has been smoking pot since the 60's so when she found out I smoked it was a funny moment rather than a stressful one… once they found me giggling behind a door.

  6. If you are a first time user, it's best to ask someone at the dispensary how to use which ever product you buy. And remember, pot is non toxic, nobody has ever overdosed. It's safer than aspirin for most people.

  7. I still remember my first time getting high, was in mine and my ex fiancee's new house in the sticks, I was seeing shit running through the woods and locked her outside and hid in the bathroom till I passed out🤣

  8. My experience was with Northern Lights, no one told me to go EASY!!!!! I got so high I wanted to come DOWN NOW!!!!! My friends laughed at me, put me into bed, and I heard my boyfriend say give me a hit of that, I screamed from bed , "Don't do it!!!! " and passed out, didn't wake up for hours!!!

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