The Real Story Behind Marijuana Prohibition with Mara Gordon

Co-founder of, Mara Gordon stops by Truth Be Told Studio to tell us the history of why Marijuana became a crime and how the big business of …


  1. i think that the world has become dirty and poisoned it has brought down our endocannabinoid system down to thhe point that we are sicker and cannabis helps to make us healthier ———— Cannabis Saves Lives ————————.

  2. The seeds of God are demonise of which the fruit is denied to mankind the only thing that won't kill you. Everything that man creates can!, work it out

  3. Shame on the govt..
    To think they made us believe that they did that cause they " cared" about us..LMAO…
    This was an excellent show!!
    Mara does an excellent job
    Hitting all the points…
    Big Business paid the govt to make it illegal. The Dupont chemical company,
    Carnegie, Hurst etc..
    Financed the movie Reefer madness and the anti#cannabis propaganda. Did you know that "Marijuana" was made up to make it sound more "ethic". They scared middle white America into believing that the "Mexicans" get high and then rape white women…
    I truly believe that the big pharmaceutical companies don't want it legalized because they KNOW the cure to cancer lies in that plant…
    My pain mgt Dr who had
    NO issue writing out opioid
    Pain killer told me this..
    They're not their to
    Cure you…But
    Treat you. .
    There's no money in
    Cancer cures..
    But here's some Oxy Conton…THEN
    we find out the pharmaceutical company who made Oxys was pushing Drs to perscribe that drug to people who had no business taking it..
    KNOWING how addictive that medication is..
    Then in 2000 we go into
    Afghanistan the worlds #1 percurer of Opium…

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