The Racist Origins of Marijuana Prohibition

The legal status of cannabis has been in question in the U.S. since people starting regularly smoking it in the early 1900s. The debate continues today, with …


  1. Indica marijuana saved my life and it also saved my best friend's life she didn't have to go into a mental hospital and did not try to kill herself even though she wanted to after getting high she came to her senses and relaxed now she gets high every night and it's not on pharmaceutical drugs it literally saved both of our lives

  2. Just pure racism. Once dems. Have control it will be declassified as schedule 1. Whites just wanted a reason to put blacks in prison by fear mongering them as Frankenstein if they had a joint. Couldn't drink at the time so they had to somehow ban anything pleasurable.

  3. Anyone and everyone who is pro-prohibition is racist and should be treated as such. More people die from alcohol and cigarettes in one day than cannabis has ever killed and we don't prohibit them. Considering that the overdose of thc requires you to consume 1000 time your body weight in 1 got that 1hit

  4. On August 2, 1937 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Marihuana TaxAct of 1937, the first federal marijuana law, which prohibited the substance beginning in October of that year (yes, that’s how they spelled marijuana back then).

  5. "They" Deem The Ganja As, "Evil" and "A Dangerous Drug"! The Flower Is No Drug, It Is A Plant Put On This Earth By Jah! TO Call A Flower "Illegal" That God Gifted Humanity, then That Is Anti God. Government Is Anti Jah! Peace, Love, Jah Rastafari 💚💛❤️✌️✌️

  6. If marijuana went legal in America it would absolutely destroy the alcohol and cigarettes industry because 1. Weed is healthier and safer than both Tobacco and Alcohol and 2. Because weed is kinda like alcohol and cigarettes in one just minus the bad effects and 3. Because marijuana can be used as medicine for psychological illness’s and it can be used to treat physical illness’s as well

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