The Power of Words and How They Can Affect Your Health | Dr. Andrew Weil on Health Theory

Dr. Andrew Weil has practiced and taught integrative medicine for over thirty years, and believes that treatments addressing mind, body and spirit are the future …


  1. I am one of those that believed my body could heal despite 4 medical doctors giving me a death sentence because of lupus. That was at age 26, critically ill and hospitalized. Because of teachings from Dr Weil and many other functional and holistic practitioners I’m now 67, no meds , no pain, Living a healthy normal healthy life.

  2. I try to not be too harsh, but does Tom not notice his (very polite) guest slowly getting more and more surprised and irritated by his monologues? I don't want to be a killjoy and I think Tom's enthusiasm / the idea of a conversation is usually a good thing, but there is a bit of delusion / lack of humility going on here. Dr. Weil is a titan, incredibly educated and wise, I really wanted to hear what he had to say! Not Tom banging on! Honestly Tom is borderline Brentian here.

  3. Tom has much to offer. I quit splitting so many subjects when I was in my twenties, reason, I wasn't hearing others. Maybe Tom should interview Tom, then, possibly, we could have a real content. I get tired of the rags to riches, mind melts for perfection, achievements, etc., etc.. want a real taste of life, go live in the bush for a couple of years, get out of your enviroment, be something besides feeding off what we humans should or can be. Step out. I do enjoy Tom's continuing adolescent approach and excitment for knowledge. Reenergizes my interest for human continuity and understanding as to why we still drag our knuckles.

  4. Oh God, I’m 8 minutes in and about to stop. Stop. Interrupting. Your. Guests. I’m just waiting for one of them to call you out! I love your content, but it’s hard to follow along with the constant interruptions.

  5. The speed of Tom’s talking pace stressed me. And, as others highlighted, I watched only a few minutes and had the impression to listen to Tom’s over-excited self narratives… could not appreciate the guest’s contribution if any.

  6. He asks him a question then cuts him off with a new question before letting him finish the first one or simply interrupts him while he’s still talking. Wow. I’m going to google this doctor to learn more about what he has to say.

  7. Wish Dr Weil was given more opportunity to speak. I so enjoy listening to the Dr on any subject. Disappointed the interviewer dominated the program. Also, wish Dr Weil didn't feel the need to follow the interviewers foul language. It didn't add anything to the interview.

  8. Tom
    You are a very good interviewer. My own perception on this particular interview, is it appeared you would not let the interviewee complete his explanation. Just my observation. I will continue to watch and support your excellent work.

  9. Somebody needs to expose Andy Weil to the how amazing the cannabis plant is from the various cannabinoids to terpenes and their enormous health benefits and potential. I was disappointed by the degree he has dismissed it.

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