1. So awesome. I am a manual therapist and whole plant food nutrition coach, have helped clients heal from different illnesses, including cancer. I also do a lot of counseling with people, there are always emotional issues causing all illnesses, when the person takes all that on healing is virtually guaranteed. I really appreciate your respect and care for all of the amazing people you featured. Healing is possible!

  2. I don't have cancer; BUT I am NO longer on Mega Doses (120u. Lantus bid; + 80u Novolog tid) of 5 insulin shots a day…. Only take a pill (glucophage) now! Even on those Mega doses, my fasting blood sugars were 200-300. 🙁 Thanks to following good nutrition with only non-gmo and organics. ..after reading Dr. Gerson books / dvd's. etc. Thankyou Dr. Max Gerson…. his knowledge continues. I DO feel like a new person. I started my diet changes back in 2009. * *I did have a squamous cell cancer on my cheek (Bowen's disease) that was cut out; but I still have to be on alert since it 'may' go south – to female organs, colon….. I'm on it. before 2009 I was on 24 Rx…… real ones- but now down to 3 = synthroid, nature-throid, & glucophage. WOW. I have to keep reminding myself now and then. A miracle. Thanks to Dr. Max Gerson.

  3. What a WONDERFUL MOVIE!!! For some reason this video refused to play on the YouTube app and would play for 1 second and timeout on both my TVs and it stopped playing on my computer when I'd plug in the HDMI cable to watch on the big screen TV. And one time it just wouldn't play due to "licensing issues". So weird, as I purchased the film.

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