The Fight is Back On to Legalize Marijuana in TN – Erika Kurre

Stream Fox 17 newscasts LIVE starting with Fox 17 This Morning at 5 am and News at 9 pm.NASHVILLE, TN – The fight to legalize marijuana is once again …


  1. see we are losing value in Tennessee business owners are selling and leaving the state…
    tocare for there sick family meanwhile Colorado and other legal states are making billions…
    there calling it the green rush…
    meanwhile we just sit on our hands and remain a poor policed state

  2. and another thing how are pills safe people od on pills all the damn time we have a pill epidemic going on but the gov does nothing about it and on top of that pills cause liver damage so does liquor wtf


  3. How about this protest for our rights and make things the way it should be we are not free i believe if people want to grow it in their back yard and harvest it we should be able to stick it to the man we are not free when will it change? this is bullshit that people can get drunk and hurt others and i cant even smoke a damn joint wtf?

  4. If you listened carefully the Legal Marijuana contains no THC, so for those that use it recreational can not get the superb high without that natural additive. Timeline 00:551:05 SO WHATS THE DEBATE – IDK – JUST LEGALIZE IT HOW IS IT ILLEGAL IF IT CONTAINS NO THC. Kunfurzing. Makes no sense. But who can believe it – remember it is the news. They are not always accurate. – INFO BASED ON WHAT WAS SAID

  5. Its time for Tennessee to join the other 20 states with medical marijuana. We have such a problem with Oxy that marijuana can help with. This is a much safer medicine then most of the pills offered today. We need to call and write our House and Senate till we get the support and get this on the ballot so the people can Vote on it.

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