The Feds Move to Legalize Pot | Tom Carroll

Jessica Stone speaks with Tom Carroll, Editor of Cannabis Capitalist about how cannabis investing is getting gains from federal efforts to legalize marijuana.


  1. So in the near future people will: use wal mart like a dime store have everything delived atomically even from Amazon use bit coin as the new currency go to the mall to see any all doctors day spa etc. And go to the pot shop instead of the bar.
    If we could stop global warming and slow population growth what kind of world is it. Not really a government in the traditional sense

  2. This woman is a good interviewer-good speaking voice. She gets to the point and then lets her guests speak. She needs to do more presentations like this on stocks-that is -news/info that's actionable. The only reason i clicked on this is cause i bought 300 each of cronos & canopy 2 yrs ago-and have done nothing cept loose all my money. Im glad i heard this-now I'll listen to more of her newscasts.

  3. Isn't marijuana a gateway drug that leads to cocaine etc. use? Why are they talking about it like it's a good thing? Vitamin B17 for cancer use still illegal but those 2 who don't look like they smoke regularly are excited about legalizing it? Are they somehow invested in illegal narcotics trade?

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