The FDA and CBD for Pets

cbdguild Is CBD Safe? The FDA Can’t Say. On November 25, 2019, FDA issued Warning Letters to 15 companies illegally marketing cannabidiol (CBD) …


  1. This is the text of an email one NU customer received.

    At Nature’s Ultra, we strongly value our customers and strive to be as transparent as possible. As such, I’d like to inform you that starting December 12 at 12:00 p.m. MT, our Pet CBD product will no longer be available for purchase due to the changing landscape of the pet product industry.

    While this decision was not an easy one, I am confident that it is the right one. We’re committed to being in the CBD industry for a long time, and that means staying ahead of potential changes in laws and regulations so we can be key players in the industry for years to come.

    One of our goals moving into the new year is to provide you with even better service and more options for CBD. We have some amazing things planned in the coming weeks and months we think you’re going to enjoy, so please stay tuned. You’re going to love what we have planned for 2020!

    Thanks for your understanding and patience. We appreciate you for being such an amazing customer and supporting our brand.

    Best Regards,

    Richard Ricketts


    Nature’s Ultra

    Keep in touch with any questions.

    Have a wonderful day and take care!



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