The decision to legalize recreational marijuana is yours

In the general election in November, voters will be asked if they want to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for daily …


  1. work a convenience store at night for a few years and you realize marijuana is about as safe as whiskey. You get to talk to stoned people all night "uhhhh …how mmmuuuuch for a blunt". you mean a cigar "hee hee ..uhhh yeah" fifty-nine cents "uhhh how much for two" a dollar ninety nine " uhhh…okay gimme two"

  2. Gregg needs to hit the blunt, my guy. I believe moderation and taxation could make NJ a booming state on the east coast. The quality schools will only get better.

    Legal weed just like alcohol is regulated and sold by adults to other adults. It’s up to us as adults to lead by example and prosecute those who knowingly sell to minorz

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