1. my friend got leukemia, he got a high dose of chemo (I refuse to use the word 'therapy' because there's nothing therapeutic about it). It killed off his immune system and he got an infection, his body or the antibiotics the pumped him full of couldn't do shit, he died 2 weeks ago because of the chemo, not the cancer. I wish he would have tried this.

  2. Thank for your offer but I can't travel I can steal walk and all but I have diarrhea almost everyday . And I don't get enough money to go no place because the state of Texas say that I am not 100% disable but they will not let me work either to get $473 a mouth so I need a find another way. Texas is a right to die state LOL

  3. I have liver cancer and I' m a VET when I found out I had liver cancer it was 6-8cm I had no symptom . the Dallas VA treated me with Nexavar but they continuous to say that the cancer is getting bigger then finally a Va doctor told to go home because they can't help me . I DON'T WON'T TO DIE SO IS THERE A PLACE HERE IN DALLAS WHERE I CAN GET SOME OF THAT NATURAL OIL .

  4. it seems that not the THC kills cancer cells but CBD and that's why now thanks to the legalisation in the us, some breeders try to make weeds with less thc but more CBD

  5. He's right guys.. Unfortunately its true, all you have to do is open your eyes, or eye I suppose. Maybe the eye of anti-ignorance? Ron Paul HAD to sell out to be in the position he is, they wont let you in UNLESS YOU SELL OUT! <- In terms of HIGHER politics, maybe not so much for every city/county blah bah blah… doesn't matter they have control anyway! So we just sit here and wait I suppose, unless anyone has a plan?

  6. its a shame that the medical community has known about thc killing cancer cells for at least 10 years but would rather "treat" people with hardcore poison chemo drugs that kill every living cell in your body. im starting to come to the realization that greed is truly what seems to drive every aspe

  7. Actually, your facts are just a little misguided, friend as THC does not kill other cells. It kills cancer by restoring a cell's natural ability to commit suicide. Old, diseased, or sick cells do this to prevent infecting other cells but cancerous cells lose their ability to commit suicide and thus why it's tough to eradicate. THC has also been shown to increase neurological function and lung capacity as well, all while not producing a SINGLE case of cancer or death.

  8. the way studies are written can be misleading for some people it was on mice treated human breast cancer cells and i checked your quote and that study was also on mice on tumors that showed low to undetectable amounts of cannabiniod receptors[what they dont tell you in the study is that there are cbd receptors all throughout a normal immune system}

  9. While THC does kill cancer cells, it kills other cells too – this is the difficult part because cancer cells are basically your own cells gone rogue. THC could even cause cancer. People who say this is the miracle drug should not be believed. Generally in medicine if they say there are no side effects, they are either unknown, the drug wasn't tested enough or both. Now, if someone could actually point out some of those 'hundreds of studies'…

  10. Actually pharma companies tried to synthesize a "THC pill" (the way i'd describe it) and the healling properties could not be replicated. I believe that it was responsible for a couple deaths.

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