1. By Christmas in Canada police can stop any car they want to. If a medical THC user is found driving with more than 2.5ng/ml, we will be fined! What can be done to accommodate anyone in severe chronic in pain who is benefiting from it! Thank you.

  2. do a show on long flowering tropical sativas, the large and diverse class of plant medicines that are not being represented in the legal market – even though a significant portion of the market would prefer to consume these if they were actually available. Another show topic could be on the differences between acidic forms of cannabinoids vs decarboxylated (activated) forms.

  3. I've had to tell a number of newbies that there was no rule that said they had to smoke the entire joint…
    And that it was OK to put it out, and save the rest for another day…
    Three small tokes, equals one big toke…
    Puff, Puff, puff, pass….

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