Support Fair and Equitable Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey

Help us create a fair and equitable marijuana market in New Jersey: New Jersey’s marijuana laws have had a disproportionate impact on …


  1. IM over the hate black whit purple I’m entitled to get a card in NJ its the only thing that woks for my ptsd ah the card is 450 and buy only at dispensary, My own Neurologist said there are 100 cures smoke i know like you they don’t want people to know it cures thing’s as well that would what we call pupation control he is right more men of color are doing major longer time than a murdered and its sicking as hell!I was raised by my mother if i ever judged anyone sexuality color religion and so on it wasn’t tolerated i don’t see color i see the person. Im white and ill back you on this!Im also an advocator I have no problem saying end the hate from all side whites hating blacks hispanics, and blacks hating whit all your doing is breading more hate EDUCATE NOT DISCRIMINATE THAT’S MY OWN SAYING.I even lived in the jungle in a mud hut. Im so over hate judgment it's sicking.Sorry if this has eras in it dyslexia and I still get bullied.NY U CAN LEGUAL HAVE SO MUCH ON YOU. THIS EDUCATIONAL VIDEO IS LIGITE! What scares me hurts me is tis murders gutless time, sexual abusers white black to a child less time yet weed life n prison if you of color that is a disgrace THIS IS ALL TRUE New Jersey’s marijuana laws have had a disproportionate impact on communities of color. African Americans are three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites even though both use marijuana at the same rates. Anecdotal evidence suggests similar disparities for Latinos.

    A conviction for marijuana possession can have severe long-term consequences. The resulting criminal record subjects a person to a system of legal discrimination that can last a lifetime and can make it difficult or impossible to secure employment, housing, student loans, or even a driver’s license. Even without a conviction, the consequences of an arrest can include untold stigma and humiliation, the financial burden of a criminal court proceeding and lost hours at work or school. Marijuana laws have also been used to support biased policies like stop and frisk, racial profiling and the deportation of people of color.

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