1. there just bashing cannabis because more people are using it, the study in Colorado, is probably, bull shit people now get sick from all kinds products since the GMOs in food, the viruses they make and illegally put out in the world, cannabis doesn't kill, more people die in senseless war's, people come back from war, are so messed up in the head it's fucked up to send 18 year olds to war. war is by far more damaging than pot. and a lot if other drugs they hand out as medication.

  2. Used to smoke weed in my teens for about 3 years daily and can say It definitely affected my brain. It takes me ages to register things and definitely slowed my brain function. A few of my friends say the same thing

  3. I am sure this will lean toward toward the illegality of pot.  What about the brain chemistry changes that alcohol cause.  The issue here is not what it does, but what I choose to do with my person.  I should have free reign over my body.

  4. That medicalxpress article made me laugh out loud.  They referred to tetrahydrocannabinol as an 'ingredient', which is like saying eggs are an ingredient in chickens.  They also said the changes correlated to 'the amount of joints they would smoke' instead of milligrams of THC.  I'd love to review this paper, if you have it.  Also keep an eye on retraction watch, I wouldn't be surprised if they snuck a questionable graph in or make big claims on data that "wasn't published in the journal article".  

  5. How does it decrease motivation for me though? I dont understand when i smoke all i want to do is workout and try doing some math.. I suck at it but still. I want to do shit.

  6. Not the case if they;'re doing good in work and school? So if you think you're doing good with work and smoke… you're wrong??? I'm pissed why the FUCK cant they EVER pick people who JSUT smoke pot only. Just pot… Nope its never just pot " oh and they also use tobacco and alcohol" well shit that doesn't help.

  7. gee why don't you talk about the pharmacial drugs that kill people every day. pot has a lot of medical properties tied to it.it helps with blood pressure glaucoma, apatite, and pain. but I don't smoke it myself.

  8. Personally, I am not against the use of marijuana, but I think people who state that there are no negative side effects lack serious judgement. As time passes by I'm sure more studies will be conducted to show the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana. 

  9. The study didn't state anything new or surprising, it only stated the over consumption of cannabis causes the brain to make a very minor adjustment in certain cannaboid receptors. It slightly decreases the brains natural stimulation of said receptors. Any drug that you consume daily will do this to the receptors it effects, the difference is most have a very noticeable effect when marijuana doesn't.  

  10. Anyone that thinks pot isn't bad for you, or is good for you are total idiots, however, it still should be legal across the board. What a person puts in their own body is nobody's business, unless they get behind the wheel.

  11. Thank you for a good job of doing what should be the most basic form of fact checking. This study was preliminary and 85% of the results of such studies do not hold up when better studies are done. Given the nature of the study, I would suspect that it was carried out by researchers in training. For the media to report this as something definitive just shows that the media is unreliable – I'm shocked. Who would have thought such a thing?

  12. ABNORMAL: adjective 1. not normal, average, typical, or usual; deviating from a standard:
     OK smoking weed has abnormal effects on the brain, that becomes obvious when you smoke it.  Hope they didn't pay to much for that study. 

  13. I call bullshit. I smoked pot HEAVILY (talking a 50 sack every day & a half) for 11 years, and I quit without a single issue. However, I've been trying to kick my alcoholism for 5 years now with very little success… I'm currently 19 days dry and it's pretty brutal when I wake up. I don't think I'll make it a month before I break back down and binge drink for a week or two.

    BTW, I'm what's called a high-functioning alcoholic. Hell, I can even do my job while completely blitzed, and the only way you'll know is if you listen for a slight slur in my voice or smell my breath.

  14. I would've led off this segment with, "Total bullshit new study".

    You just have to know that the participants in this study were either hand picked from a larger pool because they were already a bunch of unmotivated people OR the data was completely falsified.

  15.  Interesting study but as pointed out there is the funding and they bizarrely small amount of data to draw conclusions on. If I grabbed 40 people of the street and made just about any statistical claimed based on that small of a sample I would expect to be completely ignored, as this study should be. I'm not saying they haven't found something worth delving into deeper, but my point is that it needs to be delved into deeper before legitimate conclusions can be drawn. 

  16. Pot should be legal, but every single mind or body altering substance has at least a few negative effects. It's just like with E-Cigarets, which I use all the time. I'm sure it's not as bad as smoking, but it's not completely harmless either.

    Nothing in this world is generally healthy. I'm not surprised that there may be something negative about any drug.

  17. I am a recreational Mary Jane user and I could see how motivation could be affected at the time of smoking (which is why I smoke when no motivation is needed) but the sample is too small and it needs to be independent of the anti drug ppl.

  18. David, there's also one important point to include about this rather undeserving and overblown story. According to the study, those who consumed marijuana also consumed more alcohol than the control subjects.

    I do think the number of participants is a big player here. They had the ability to enroll hundreds of subjects, even 50 people would've been kinda adequate. 

  19. Those brain abnormalities could have come from adverse childhood experiences and unless they were screened for that then the study is useless. Look into the ACES study. They have found that this actually changes the formation of the brain early in life.

  20. I would like to state this fact, why marijuana? Why are are this studies being brought upon marijuana, for those of you out thier,im not saying the studies are wrong, I'm saying if the really "care" and are trying to rid marijuana now to warn people in order to "help" them than why aren't they focusing on real issues. Let's take into account the amount of deaths, even with these brain "problems" we can still scientifically prove that these brain abnormalities are fatal. However the same cannot be said for the others. You see if the big corporations could find a way to capitalize on this and make lots of money. Believe me they'd be selling this on every corner next to a pack of cigarettes. Let's be honest, marijuana can be grown by anyone. If they started forcing people to buy it from the government people would just grow it themselves. That would not make them any money. Wake up people. You're pawns in a game of life, being led to believe that you're action's are you're own. You don't believe me? Look at all the subliminal messages all over, tv ads, Microsoft, sony, apple, google, everything looks like a seperate choice but you follow each dotted line and you end up with one single dotted line, leading you straight to the players of a game, were they play the game of life using us as pieces to a puzzle in which we cannot control the outcome. So at the end of the night, you come home you goto bed, wake up and do it all over again. I know it's hard. Bills, school, jobs, they have really done a number on us. You matter, you're voice matters, we need you to help create the world into a more peaceful place.

  21. David, firstly I agree that Cannabis should be legal and regulated. However anyone that thinks there are no risks to its use is being stupid, there are risks in every activity. The small sample size does not make the study invalid and I can be sure that proponents of tobacco use were dismissive of small sample sizes in studies early on. You simply can't be sure that this does not cause lasting changes in brain chemistry especially given that the temporary changes are why people use it anyway. Anyway love the show keep up the good work.

  22. Why do they defend weed like its good for people its not, just like alcohol, and other drugs are bad for people weed is good.If people want smoke weed thsts fine. Just don't act like its good for you.

  23. All studies have incredible bias, both on the side of legalization and delegalization. You can't take studies seriously, these are all the "opinion" of the researchers and in no way proof of anything. I think all drugs should be regulated strictly and require a licence however, we don't need it to be legal for everyone.

  24. Also there are two significant chemicals in weed THC and CMB. The ratio of these is different in every strain and has a huge influence on what way the brain is affected. I'm in no way an expert by the way, so look into yourself if you want to know for sure. 

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