1. Will Jones gave no logical reason to block use and research.
    Pulling the "What impact will pot have on young people" card shows his bias.
    Who's mouth piece was he, Big Pharma ?

  2. 1:06:39 So I see Will Jones' point in trying to bring up the fact that the media and bigger businesses interest in the Medical Marijuana (MM) industry has a certain monetary pull, and he wants to step back and re-evaluate the drugs we already regulate that have become highly addictive. I feel a good point though for him to consider is the history behind those drugs. Many highly concentrated drugs on the market were created in compounding labs, and once their benefits are discovered, usually the company funding the research takes off to make it the new must have drug for doctors. There is a sort of 'retail' mindset behind these drugs. MM in it's discovery as a highly medicinal compound, in a time when no one was looking at it as anything besides recreational, has that foundation to build on.
    What makes MM different in these aspects is that it's actually the research that's speaking for it. Not a larger company, and not any private investors with their hand in the pot for first dibs. The research surrounding MM is out to PROVE it's worth medicinally. Obviously, once larger companies start poking their noses into this field and trying to get a 'slice of the pie' will the real fight for controls and regulations come into play, and become a necessary boundary. In that reality, I do see Mr. Jones' hesitation and concern, but I do not believe it is reason enough to move away from it, it should be an initiative to be more preemptive in finding solutions, instead of merely fearing the problem.
    The concern of the recreational use and misuse of any drug is not within anyone's control but the person using. Though there is no addictive component in the chemical make up of MM (as far as the medical world is aware right now) , there is however an addictive/ habitual component in the make up of the human body. The cliche that humans are 'creatures of habit' stems from psychology I believe, but it has basis in the biology of humans and works well to describe the bodies dependence of consistent chemical reactions for stability. When the body becomes use to a certain chemical reaction- for instance, in the finding of the endocannabinoid system that shows that our bodies have active CB1-CB2 receptors already in our DNA. We find that we are already used to at least trace cannabinoid reactions, well the only way- that we know of right now- for MM to become addictive is if the body becomes used to the 'habit' of higher levels of this reaction within the body.
    Even then though, in the act of 'cold turkey-ing' from that higher level of reaction, no studies (that I have found) have shown any harmful withdrawal side effects. But in the case of MM itself, developing a misuse, that is not something any government can regulate. Besides, I find it hypocritical to claim this, when there is still such a high addictive component in the world of opioids and amphetamines, and yet they are still crucial medicines for several disorders. No regulation, research or FDA approval can completely remove the one uncontrollable variable when it comes to addiction- the human.
    Although I've presented all of this. Jones DOES present a good discussion about the fears of regulation and misuse, I agree that this is something to be considered and aware of moving forward. I disagree that it is something to use as a stepping back tool, if anything I would consider it, like I've stated before, something to help initiate greater problem- solving discussions. The momentum behind MM legalization is there, and I feel that in making these concerns known, it should spearhead more discussion on HOW it is legalized, instead of being a reason to NOT legalize.

  3. this guy was going to give a good talk, not, he is a complete tool. hes says thc or cbd doesnt cure or even help stop cancer when it seems to be very benificial to treat cancer, diabetes, psychosis (cbd) , deppression (thc), mania (cbd) , autoimmune, lupis, anyway i watched the first 20 minutes and cant take anymore of someone who seems to be open minded at first glance and then becomes close minded at about twenty minutes in.

  4. How is it controversial that plant compounds should be used for medicinal, not recreational purposes?  That has been the case since the dawm of civilization.  Is this merely another whipping up controversy to sell books.  No one is against using compounds in cannabis for medicinal purposes and every year less people are against even recreational use of cannabis.

  5. "No other drug can you self prescribe or self dose." Really? Have you ever BEEN to a pharmacy? Almost HALF of the drugs in one are of the shelf. If not more. What the fuck is this guy talking about?

  6. This black guy is a Pharma shill. When he talks about the benefits of "components" of the plant. Which they have been trying to isolate and patent for more than 70 years. But then claims Req marijuana dispensaries are in some way inherently evil. How dare someone talk about how profitable and widespread the sale of Marijuana would be. And how big the market would be.  The argument that we shouldn't; not even glorify.; But stop demonizing marijuana, is a dangerous concept is asinine.  but when you don't have anything else. You can always run to that slippery slope argument.

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