State announces marijuana task force for people of color

It’s a lucrative business in Michigan. The marijuana industry is breaking records and is projected to hit a billion dollars in sales by the end of the year.


  1. I personally have never known a black man that grew good weed or made a good beer. And that's a fact it's not an insult, it is not a derogotory statement, it is a fact in my personal life and experience. So the money won't be coming from the new masters the money will be coming from our pockets of everybody in the state of Michigan and that is the tax payers I will assume at this point in time. I never voted on this program. Did you? Hmm.

  2. So just like they're going with skilled trades they're giving people full journeyman status equivalent salaries and positions in less then 6 months time whereas the person that they will be working with it took them 4 years minimum. So now those who have busted their butts all their life to get to a point of having their own company and dispensary while competing with the corporate owners now they're going to add another challenge to the mix and give these people affirmative action loans. That's Michigan for you. The state has not been about equality for a very long time all of my adult life.

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