Starting From Seed How to start Growing Cannabis

This is reload step by step instructions on how to germinate cannabis seeds, over 5.2 million views before it was taken down with million of seeds planted.


  1. My only change to all that he said would be is that around 7 mins in, you should put the paper towels in a sealed container such as a Tupperware or something equivalent. I've noticed when I leave it out the next day the paper towels are bone dry and no germination has happened

  2. Glad you reposted the video my first video I watched to learn how to grow most helpful easy video wish I could show you my first plants wow such beauties John thank you for your knowledge

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  4. You want the root pointing up so the seed she'll will come off as the seed grows up through the dirt ! If you put root tip pointing down, the seed she'll will stay stuck on the cotylydons and keep them from spreading open this looking like a helmet on the seed and it will struggle and stretch trying to shed the seed she'll, or hull !

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