Snoop Dogg, Al Harrington, & More Talk Weed Legalization & Diversity Ownership | REVOLT Summit

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  1. …. snoop … don't use 'kanada as an example … our experiment has been and is a complete failure … …..dispatch'd from the 'blunt coast of 'kanada … 'vancouver island … 'gaia's hide away … m

  2. (Sorry for the long comment please read)
    The saying goes that "It is a sign of madness to keep on doing the same thing and expect a different result". I have so much respect for what this show does but in my opinion it doesn't discuss what I feel is the most important issue to not only the black community but to the human race. When I say discuss I don't mean the type of discussion that's held by hormone fuelled teenagers or the type of discussion where people won't be truthful because of pride and embarrassment. In my opinion the black community and indeed the human race will NEVER live in the way that it desires unless what I believe is the ultimate truth is realised, accepted , learned from and treasured for the rest of eternity. The issue in question is of course SEX, I am not referring to gender. My reasoning for this is amongst other things, if race was the only issue then every black persons only goal in life should be to return to Africa. People will argue and say that it is about inequality and that people should not be forced to leave their homes to be happy and while true my belief is that any and every argument that someone can present at its root stems from SEX. It is not difficult to understand that if it wasn't for sex no one would be here today, it is only after the fact that people are labeled with the tropes of life, race, gender, class etc. I think it is important to establish that in my opinion judgement is a limiting tool in the life of whomever chooses to use it. I do not need to judge what is right and wrong because I can feel what is inside me and that feeling tells me what I already know before I can even dream of putting it in a sentence. Therefore I hope that during reading this people can focus on now and the topic at hand. I will never ask anyone to forget their past or in general tell people what to do because nothing I can give to people can match what they can give to themselves.

    So I don't want to sound harsh and I'm not here to pass judgement but let's face it the majority of people's sex lives, (speaking from a male perspective) consist of using a women to perform the same thing that can be achieved with one's own right hand. I am willing to bet that the majority of men are not satisfied with their sex lives. That is not to say that it is all men's fault women are willing to endure sex lives which don't make them happy or enter into relationship they know they shouldn't, both men and women are ultimately responsible. To have sex with another person is the most intimate expression a person will ever have in their life, yet the reason why sex is not taken seriously is because it is treated like entertainment this includes the act of sex.
    So where does this attitude come from and what can be done about it?.
    As an example I am inclined to believe that the people who are liked and respected the most are the ones who are honest, loyal and genuine etc. The ones who are disliked have opposing characteristics. I believe that in order to have the characteristics that are generally liked without acting the person in question must be able to demonstrate that these characteristics are what they live by. Living by those characteristics demonstrates that they are indicative of the relationship which they have formed with themselves. Thus your relationship with yourself is the most important aspect in demonstrating how your life will turn out. This means that understanding who you are at you core the very reason you exist in fact is the most important thing you can do, however, people are willing to read about things that don't get them anywhere but when was the last time someone read a book about sex, I don't mean porno. In my mind no bigot will change their ways because of a little pressure the change has to be a fundamental one from the inside, for black people to live freely in America and across every continent why not set the example which others should follow by showing the utmost respect to ourselves asking ourselves who we really are and allowing that to filter down into every other aspect of our lives. I know that this may not sound like a practical solution but how else do you make core changes without changing the core.
    I am writing this is not purely to help others, in fact I am writing this to help myself. I want to give to myself all the love that I possibly can, however, by not writing this comment and expressing myself I feel would be limiting my ability to give to myself, basically I want to take my own advise. Hope you enjoyed reading.
    (p.s I may repost this comment in future because I really want others to see it.)

  3. Caught my first drug charge at 13. Didn't even have no weed. Was sitting in class doing my work. Just so happens I turned around and told the wrong fool that I talk to him later. So happened he had some weed. He tried to show it to the girl. She told on him and everybody who he tried to offer it to I guess. That led to me having a drug charge. Only because I said I was not a snitch. So the white officer told me to stop being smart and tried to search me and I told him he couldn't search me then they gave me a drug charge. Krazy

  4. man i like these summits and meetings but try to find a way to get all the guests to talk as friends thats when the real information the key points come out when they all talk like they talking as if they chilling

  5. Revolt is so trash. They legalize weed, but leave blacks in prison for weed. Then, the bulk profit from legalized weed industry goes to white elites. You lock us up, and keep us from profiting from the industry. Snoop you are a fucking sellout, both you and Puff, you are ALL practicing white supremacy. You talking asking for a "piece" of weed industry when we are owed $50 Trillion in reparations. Reparations is the ONLY angle from which you speak, otherwise you are a fucking sellout.

  6. This whole conversation on fair equity share, Legalization, and history of who caused the war on drugs, and created the current prohibition of this plant is mentioned in my book The Indigenous History of Hemp

  7. โ€‹The provincial Crown corporation tasked with online sales and wholesale distribution of recreational pot reported revenues of $64 million and expenses totalling $106 million during the last one year period. LOSS OF 42 MILLION !!!!

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