Sheriff Joe Arpaio Tells Me If I Should Support Cannabis Legalization or Not

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Tells Me If I Should Support Cannabis Legalization or Not | Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC… Subscribe To The Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC Channel: …


  1. Bro this was an epic idea haha. Could you ask Joe what he believes the overall impact of, vs the intended effect of, having inmates wear pink in the AZ prisons. and throw in a question on who would win in a fist fight between Biden and Trump lol

  2. Joe You're so Stupid 😂🤣😂!!! And a terrible Liar,now I've got the flipping giggles,here in Wytheville,Va high and laughing at You and People like You as I watch Our State LEGALIZE IT!!! AH,HA HA!!!

  3. I love this state its been my home for 20 years but I hate our cannabis policies and hate Joe, he does not represent Arizona. We should throw him in the dump to rot in the heat. This is also why I just got my card, I would love for 207 to pass and I will vote but if not I'm covered for 2 years….but will have to re new and that cost money…I just don't get it how could someone want a gun more that the right to great quality product that improves your quality of life. I don't ever want to shoot someone for defense and I have knives and bats for home intruders (and cell phone). I personally love when I smell it in the neighborhood walking by, that's their property and none of anybody's business. Its when you smell it driving I get worried that those people will ruin any hopes of it passing. Pass it and get breathalyzer set up for thc content. And also officers should people over if they smell burnt/ing cannabis because card or not legal or not, you can't smoke in public. If your that dumb to get caught then your stupid or a bad driver. Because you can eat edibles and drive great when sober your great or be crap at driving normally and worse when high. I would make the point some people shouldn't drive period while others drive fine high or not, all depends on the driver really. (Here my drivers license is good till 2057! If be fine testing every 4 years!) I Also realize the card is a privilege and would rather just smoke at home and avoid prosecution for a DUI or open container…good stuff by the way LMC. Someone needs to dose this mfker or blow some smoke in his face, shit what if he says he's against it but smokes a bong in privacy but wants it illegal because he makes money off it now being illegal/medical/charging a state fee and from dispensary tax and raids….absolute power corrupts absolutely

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