1. I had a 'bluedream' one and I dived diagnosed it as a boy and a girl I pulled the seed out of him somehow but I got from the farm room and tried to grow and it seems it on me and it's eat it all my plans that one but I see what you're talking about I didn't know how to tell from male to female but I stay that little hairs sticking out what if they're in the notion or criss cross in the middle of things what does that mean

  2. I’m on my very first grow yes my cherry has been popped head for plants two males to females did not know the difference between the two come to learn the two males were in a 2 x 2 tent with two other females what’s going to happen to my females I think I have a shit load of seats

  3. If you have 2 females growing in different stages, as the older female becomes old, she begins to have a panic attack and start growing pollen sacks, if her pollen gets in contact with another female, it is more likely to get feminized seeds. Those seeds have over ~75% chance of becoming only a female plants. Or you can just sell the seeds for a higher price then normal but sell for less then modified seeds would go for.

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