Seizures in rabbits treatment the herbal way

so here binkys bunnys treatment for gi stasis and seizures begins through his regular medications for his gut and pain and herbally for his seizures and see if we …


  1. Pinneapple and paypaya help break down protien aka bunnies eating their fur and getting plugged up but i didn't know that pinneapple is in medication too interesting
    Theres one oh ya… your environment i recommend free roaming im usually against it unless supervised but binky is supervised and gets along with all the other animals and you have bunny proffed everything and your children know or have learned bunny rules
    Its not like this every where in every home
    My house bunny free roaming cannot happen unsupervised but supervised i have bunnies all over lol
    Some people that come get babies from me are suprized i have rabbits in the house lol yes and outside too they don't mind the cold even the babies protected from extreems are very fine outside
    I love you guys are great much love xoxox

  2. Lol i have a few rabbits that rather poop on hay then eat it lol even racked up pull it down and poop
    Dont want to knock vaccination but they can be bad for the brain…binky don't go out running around with animals i would not worry about rabies shot hes an inside rabbit

    Thyme is said to help with bringing back feeling back to people that cant move limbs for one reason or another i think it helps with muscle to brain …. great food for binky

  3. Ya i only missed this one thanks for letting me know hun im just behind
    Im hopping so much it works
    Cbd will lower blood sugars too so a blueberry or banana will up thoes sugars if it lowers

  4. Thank you for the Binky update❤️ You take beautiful care of Binky, I have no doubt he has the best life he could ever have with you.
    Maybe Binky had a difficult, stressful birth and start in life, you never know .. maybe that could have affected his nervous system. But in any case Binky has a beautiful life now, and you know him the best and care for him the best.❤️

  5. Oh my goodness.. i never knew.. but im glad that you guys are taking care of Binky.. i read your story.. how wonderful to be able to help a needy pet.. so awesome.. you guys are fantastic..Very lucky Binky.. i love your accent.. is that British? so cool.. take care guys..sub your awesome channel..

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