Science of Making Marijuana Oil

If you have any questions about science and making oil, please ask them i will try to help as much as I can. I made this video in a hurry and forgot to mention …


  1. I would have to add that benzene boils around what ethanol boils at. 175 I think.
    Iso is a little higher. I used iso a lot for washes to clean chlorophyll so I know it can extract some super dark crap from plants.
    But you can also polarize it to clean with as well.
    And that being said, benzene boiling at 175F would not be recovered when distilling butane at low temps.
    So if anyone fears benzene is in your uhp butane ultra high pure butane 99.9% then simply perform a distillation to clean it in a tamisium extractor. You can also use ether in the tamisium instead like a lot of other people. However be careful if you dont want to end up like Benicio and Johnny Depp in Fear and Lothing because you will get pretty high off that solvent if you inhale it. And it is very flammable and requires removal just like any solvent. Use a closed system.

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  3. I start by placing my 200 micron bubble bag in a clean 5 gallon bucket. Dump in about 250 grams of high grade semi-ground trim. I use 6 qts of frozen cold iso-alcohol starting with 2 to dampen the weed. Then I elevate the bag so it's not soaking in the iso and finish washing with the other 4 qts. I then squeeze out any remaining solvent. I get a good return of iso & I don't have to fuck with any coffee filters. Got an old 200 micron bubble bag you aren't using?? Here ya go.This works GREAT!!!!!

  4. Making RSO using iso-alcohol before seeing this short video & my quality suffered. Then using what I learned here, primarily it was the freezing of the alcohol & the weed. And the short duration washes rather than any kind of soaking, as well as the low temp boil offs. Right now i'm thinking this was perhaps my greatest effort with resulting highest quality. It's a beautiful light amber color that looks like some kind of "cannabis pro" made it (which ain't me) Anyway THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO!!!

  5. Use caution when buying from a less then reputable source. It is best, to know how to make your own medicine, but if you are unable to, you can always have a small batch sampled, by a credible chem-lab using a Mass- Spectrometer. This will give you some idea of how, and what was used to make your oil. My best wishes~Mahoney

  6. So you like the taste of benzene and butane impurities. Iso washes can taste bad if you extract any chlorophyll (the green tint) even washing it with iso improperly can do that. otherwise it has the exact same taste of what you extracted.

  7. it can definitely be gold buddy. you do it wrong. and to get it to shatter leave it over low heat. it can definitely be gold. take iso to a vac purge and do a really pure wash it will be gold. i decarboxylize mine for 2 days over heat atleast. always shatter or gold flake.

  8. Thank you keepskatin. I have a brain cancer glioma stage 2 with possibility there is hints of stage three but was labeled stage two. Ive already had brain surgery which removed half of it but the other half was too dangerous to take out. It was a four hr operation in which I was awake. I recovered quicker than most and went into radiation treatment for seven weeks. No further shrinkage but no growth so holding off on chemo. Pot gives me huge hot tea cravings!!!

  9. Garlic works primarily on tumors,not skin type cancer.Beware it must be taken raw,but in small amount per dose,it can cause agonizing stomach pain if you juice one clove in water.The best method is bite half a clove and chew it slightly,let it rest under your tongue for one hour,I guarantee any tumors will start to shrink within minutes,small dime size tumors will be almost completely gone within 1 hour.The garlic burns like mouthwash,make sure it is potent garlic,not mild garlic.

  10. There are many cures to cancer not just hemp oil,it all depends on what stag of cancer and what form of cancer.Tea in high concertration without sugar is also a strong cancer fighter.You need to brew 7 bags of tea in 12 ounces of water,super bitter,but filled with anticancer flavanoid and other poorly studied beneficial vitamins.Also different types of tea offer different benefit levels.It's all about food diversity,treatment diversity,and moderation.Garlic is the most potent cancer fighter.

  11. I'm new to all this. I have brain cancer. Now I smoke and eat it. I've watched this video on organic Hemp Oil made properly will cure my cancer. 1 to 3 drops. Per day of a total of 10g over the course of an entire treatment. I live in Chicago. Medical marijuana will be legal Jan 1st, 2014 but not sure the government will provide quality hemp oil. So how do I get it? I need just 10g to get better. I know a friend that gets hemp oil in a vaporizer. Is that hemp oil quality? Please help!

  12. I've had good bubble hash once. Every other time it's been low grade shit. With solvents, you don't get verying grades of quality within one batch. You don't have 4-5 bags to fuck with. If you do it right, it's safe. Don't use solvents indoors, especially in large quantities. Just because things can be dangerous doesn't mean they have to be.

  13. 4 – 1 qt bottles 91% Isopropyl alcohol (purchased here locally) = $14 per gallon

    4 – 1 liter bottles of 190 proof EverClear (purchased here locally) = abt $100 per gallon

    Think I'll stick with the Iso. I recently made a tincture and used 100 proof vodka instead of EverClear. A few drops under the tongue and the vodka was hot enough – I can only imagine what the EC would have done. Anyway, while I would….prefer using a food grade ethanol the taxes and final price make it cost prohibitive.

  14. You people and your chemicals.No way Jose,I use plain water to extract my THC,the more pure the water the better the extract.Heat is what does the job.You can buy distilled water for better effect,or buy a professional laboratory distiller which works better than any chemicals you guys are listing,without any risk of fires and explosions….kaboom.I don't trust chemicals in things that go in my organic body.Laboratory distillers are the most power solvents on earth…naturally.

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