Sanders Loses Fight Over Marijuana Legalization; Biden Will Continue Criminializing Blacks & Poor

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  1. Want to know where legalize and decriminalize pot still lives? Try , Also Single payer Health Care, The Green New Deal, and student loan forgiveness are?? Not in the Biden Platform, but in the Green Party. Vote for what you want, not the lesser of two evils which is still evil. Vote for what you want. The Green Party under Howie Hawkins has been espousing this all along. Do what is right for you and the country. We will put an end to the American Imperialism that is killing millions and generating rivers of refugees.

  2. Sanders was our best hope and he let us down. He could have ruined the DNC and won the election. Instead he gave in and the DNC swallowed him up and then the DNC starts making hasty moves that they will kill later that make them look "progressive". Real progressive platforms are in the Green Party where they always have been.

  3. This thing on we have to study weed. Stupid. Legalize all drugs and let peoole do whatever the fuck they want. That is a big lie. They want Big Pharma to buy the rights weed maufacturing to fuck everyone with high rates again. Same old story.

  4. I love this channel and Jamarl. I come back everyday and watch all his videos just like the other independent news I watch. BUT, can all these guys please stop sucking themselves off with the "I was the only one saying it" shit? Jamarl knows about Kyle and Jimmy Dore and BOTH of them talked about this shit repeatedly. Love ya, Jamarl, but just like you, when I see bullshit I say something.

  5. I dont want to see pot legal because the only way to get a hold of it will end up being the market. I also dont want decriminalization to make debtors mouths wet…nor do I want to keep it illegal…obviously….
    All problems are based in capitalism.
    In "my" system, you'll be growing your own shit and will have the ability to "make it better/different" if YOU want to.
    Alas…..we all must suffer being capitalized on for now… picky with your shit, not doing so may get you killed one day lmao

  6. Like 30% of my ads have been for body armor, survival manuals and self defense classes. Like…..holy shit man. Capital. Why cant I get happy stuff even though I watch politics? The other ads are mostly Trumps stupid surveys that ive taken which are set up to make him look good no matter what….seriously, like the fucking narcissist he is….and Bidens…..sad ads……that make me truly despise it when fascists call liberals "the left".

  7. I got a call yesterday from the Gretchen Driscoll campaign running for congress in my district. I listened the general platform and told the person on the phone that it wasn't good enough. I then gave my ideas for what I wanted to see in the future and he agreed with me and then gave me some lame-ass excuse about the people in my neighborhood having a 10-year record of voting Republican. I thought that was b***** because if you don't have the courage the stand up to the status quo to demand something better and to make the case to your constituents, we'll never get anywhere. I told him to tell her that I exist, I am a constituent and I exist.

  8. i believe the sanders failure was written years ago before 99% wall street rebellion and implemented during the ws period. all of it, a very well done early poisoning of the left that would set back progressive change for at least half a generation. sanders has been on the other side if this from early on, if not the beginning. i will leave 2016 and 2019 as the evidence of this nefarious plan for your earnest investigation and consideration. a conspiracy theory? only if its only a theory. time for some progressive muscle on calling down the street theater and the carnival of buffoons they keep shuffling our way as presidents and on down. folks, the writing is not only on the wall, it is all over us.

  9. What is seems like is that Biden wants to have it both ways. He wants to retain a tough on crime anti-drug crusader stance to appeal to moderates and conservatives while also pledging to have a hands off policy for individual states to develop their own legalization and decriminalization policies. This is not an accident or the result of Biden's particular preferences. It's an intentional move to keep the cannabis market paralyzed until large corporations can take over.

    As you would expect, the literal interpretation of Biden's approach is doomed to fail because it refuses to take cannabis off Schedule 1 status which prevents a wide range of services from being available to businesses in states where legalization or decriminalization take place. The biggest concern is the lack of financial services which would normally be handled by banks but they're prevented from accepting money from enterprises involved in the production, transportation, and sale of Schedule 1 narcotics. Currently that means the cannabis biz is reliant upon cash only sales or a very fragile network of in state banking services which are susceptible to being shut down at a moments notice. That large amount of cash on hand combined with the stigma of cannabis makes for massive pressure that criminal activities like thefts, money laundering, tax evasion, insurance fraud, and more will become commonplace, which in turn will invite the scrutiny of law enforcement.

    This is then compounded by Republicans and blue dog Democrats already working behind the scenes to establish exemptions at the federal level for large corporations to legally enter the cannabis market with advantages denied to the smaller state-operated businesses. The goal is to use those unfair advantages to squeeze out smaller state distributors and force large scale growing operations under the thumb of corporations in a model not unlike big agriculture or alcohol. If they can do this before national pressure forces cannabis to be taken off Schedule 1 then they will effectively have control of the market by the time it becomes legal.

    Unfortunately that will mean that smaller state distributors and foreign growers (aka cartels) will be forced to carve out a niche for providing cheap or boutique cannabis that skirts the edges of being legal in order to be competitive. And that blurring the edges of what's legal and not legal means cannabis will yet again become a tool for harassing and penalizing the masses, primarily in low income minority neighborhoods.

    Biden and his campaign staff know what the fuck they're doing, and it's serving their masters in the donor class.

  10. Joe Biden could be a ham sandwich laced with arsenic. He is a very quietly toxic person. We cannot continue accepting these incompetent severely prejudiced substitutes for leadership in our country. It can mean the end for millions of Americans, and Biden can turn out to be a dead end detour. Sinclair Lewis wrote about the Joe Biden phenomenon in the 40's…a little book titled "It Can't Happen Here."

  11. Jamal Love you! Love you, your style.. STAR TREK and the Hat!! SMILES
    But please stop saying that Biden alone is alone in criminalizing the Black and the poor! It is indeed the Democratic party's policy since Bill Clinton and his Sister Souljah moment that continued the war on Blacks and was a triangulation strategy that picked up Nixon's now reveled false War on Drugs to "criminalize Black people."
    Democrats and Republicans have continued to support these policies en mass!
    Stop falling for these lies!
    We need Love….
    New Culture of Peace Now!

  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I can't wait to see Trump dancing on "Ellen" while neoliberals long for the days of "good ole Trump, he wasn't nearly as bad as this new guy" 🤣😂🤣 Give it 8-12 years!

  13. Boom! And there you have it, bullshit. Cannibis legalization, greatly reduces police interactions with the general public, period. #BLM, can not even get weed legalized, pitiful. They became very rich and accomplished very little.

  14. This 62 year old hippie/lifelong democrat/liberal/lefty/progressive pot head is not voting, for the first time, for these reasons. Give me a reason to vote.These 2 clowns are sickening

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