Samawi Shisha CBD Shisha Review

Today, I’m reviewing Samawi Shisha CBD Shisha. It comes in multiple flavors – Blueberry Mint, Mighty Mint, Mega Mango, Pink Lemonade, Double Apple, Fizzy …


  1. CBD is BIG PHARMA propaganda to divide the community that has been fighting for the whole plant. CBD was always BIG PHARMA's evil PR plan. All over the world they made these "medical cannabis" laws so that they could make CBD in order to give to the people a fraction of the cannabis plant. Now with the help of some gold diggers that made CBD oils and profited from the cannabis plant, their plan is to keep Epidiolex and a few others on the market and complete CBD studies that will prove that cannabis has no medicinal benefits. Using long term CBD can be harmful to the body. Checkout the studies that were conducted on CBD. CBD is a SCAM and a lot of people felt into that. Humanity needs THE COMPLETE PLANT with THCv, THCa, etc. all the compounds, those are needed for our endocannabinoid system, not just CBD. Charlotte Figi was used by BIG PHARMA in order to promote CBD. She has died this year. Billy Caldwell's mother bought him full THC oil from Canada but the media was all over that he used CBD. STOP PROMOTING THESE CBD OILS. You are beeing used by BIG PHARMA

  2. Great informational video thank u just purchased a couple mango n pink lemonade will leave feedback first time hookah smoker did not want to inhale tabacco or any nicotine this is perfect CBD for my anxiety and unsure times with covid indoors stay heathy and safe!

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