Rubio Gets Tough Question from 79-year-old on Marijuana Legalization

Bill Press plays a clip from Marco Rubio on the campaign trail in Charleston, South Carolina. A79-year-old woman tells Rubio she, “would like to see Marijuana …


  1. This is why I'm voting for Rubio.
    I saw in another interview where he said he'd enforce Federal drug laws and bust up businesses in States that have "legalized" the shit. I stood up and applauded.

    Rubio 2016!

  2. Rubio is a distinct threat, Not Christie or Hucklebee, he has a chance of making a nominee of President or Vice President. Like Christie, in which people are bashing his stance, the same must be done with Rubio to get him out of the elections, obviously he is not qualified though he is a smart person in most respects.

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