Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) – Interview With Rick Simpson – Medical Marijuana Cannabis

“Rick Simpson Oil ” (RSO) , Cannabis Oil , Medical Marijuana RICK SIMPSON OIL Rick Simpson (born in 1949), of the famed “Rick Simpson Oil” (RSO) and …


  1. great show, thanks for sharing. ricks a living legend for sure. I take cannabis oil daily as preventative and for pain relief. Rick has greatly inspired my journey, and I have personally seen it beat cancer several times. Amazing the number of other ailments it benefits. I find it helping my sleep and agree with you both on how important sleep is 😎👍I also enjoy the mention of how it can be used to help treat addiction. I have personally met many and even have close family who were addicted and struggling with opiods, or alcohol use and abuse, and were able to overcome there addiction using cannabis oil after nothing else would work

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