Rick Simpson Oil (Cannabis Oil) – Alzheimer and Parkinson – Medical Marijuana Hemp Cannabis

“Rick Simpson Oil ” (RSO) , Cannabis Oil , Medical Marijuana RICK SIMPSON OIL Rick Simpson (born in 1949), of the famed “Rick Simpson Oil” (RSO) and …


  1. Hi Rick. I wrote you the other day regarding the intractable migraines since I was 6. I’m also experiencing another troubling problem. When I was 15, I was in a traumatic car accident. I shattered my left femur. The doctor told my mother that I’d most likely not live through the surgery and when I did, he told her I’d never walk normally again. Fortunately, I proved him wrong on both counts. However, when they had me on the operating table to remove the rod from my femur, I had a grand mal seizure. All total, I’ve had about 30 grand mal seizures in my life but I’m guessing the area of my brain that was damaged was in the area of short term memory. I’m almost 68 and I’m now experiencing memory loss on a fairly consistent basis. After watching your videos on Alzheimer’s, I would love to get some for this, as well. Can you tell me how much this will cost? I am Desperate for both conditions and I would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience. Kindest regards.

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