Rethinking Humanity's Relationship with Cannabis | Derek Thomas | TEDxBocaRaton

NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. We’ve flagged this talk, which was filmed at an independent TEDx event, because it …


  1. Growing HEMP will restore the 'soil', will restore the 'atmosphere'.
    Will create BIO-DEGRADABLE plastics.
    This is the only way I can get this message out; HEMP plastics is the future for earth.
    I wrecked my Harley not wearing my helmet that stopped my heart 3 times, put me into an 87 day coma waking with a 5.5 brain injury requiring relearning life. Once returning home I tried having my doctor do an MRI of my brain to compare to my wreck. He refused telling me that BIG PHARMA will financially destroy any doctor that proves THC restores brain injuries.
    This upset me so much that I taught myself MOLECULAR SCIENCE and went to the gold shop in KALISPELL MONTANA showing JB how copper transitioned into gold. This got me kicked out and he told 'city council' that I am making FOOLS GOLD from copper pass tests
    Boiling water proves that 'heat' excites MOLECULES allowing ATOMS to escape.
    This is how copper transitions into GOLD and nickel into PLATINUM.
    Earth must be restored by growing HEMP world wide.

  2. The issue is it is a drug, and yes so is alcohol but I see no purpose in either. Yes both contain ingredients that can be used for good, but there is more to this than just entire legalization.

  3. You think of the damage opioids have done and they flew through to market, why? because big pharma owns the government. A guy lights a spliff which does no damage and he does serious time in many states still.

  4. I'm not sure why this Ted talk would be flagged… Everything he is saying is based on peer reviewed studies. This is a great talk Derek, it's a real shame that societies aren't jumping on this bandwagon. Hemp based products are the way of the future!

  5. Was that shift when the cotton industry vilified cannabis? I can't believe they've forced that silly disclaimer on this video. He's only speaking the truth! We've known for so long all the positive things about Cannabis, it's about time we embraced it!

  6. OMG why did the medicinal benefits of cannabis just disappear? Let's be honest, technology influenced changes, created fear around it, made it illegal and then its benefits were just forgotten. Guess what, all that is old is new again. Thanks Derek for a very enlightening health and well being talk around Hemp!

  7. I love this speech! Its a must watch. It changed the way I think around Cannabis in all aspects. I take CBD and use it for my face, skin and all over my body and it does wonders.

  8. Reminded of their stigma and not their benefits! man who true is this, how many people turn away from CBD because of things said against it decades ago. This man is smart and well researched.

  9. Why of why does this have a disclaimer? For god sakes TED, he's talking about the benefits of of a legitimate plant based medication! he isnt telling everyone to roll a joint and get stoned!

  10. This needs to be spread far and wide! Thank you for all you do. I’ve been in the cannabis industry since April, left my former career of 24 years, and I love educating people about the power of hemp!

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