ResponsibleOhio discusses possible marijuana legalization in Ohio

Director of ResponsibleOhio Ian James explains his view of why marijuana legalization should be put on the 2015 Ohio ballot and the issues involved with the …


  1. We have a booming industry of small businesses here in Ohio.. Everything from Car dealerships, diners, antique shops,.. To Gyms, museums, arts, and other types of businesses. A deal like Colorado's deal would effectively wipe them all out. Just like it did there.. It would be in the constitution that the industry be 100% open to the public so anyone could be the next guy and we would have home grows. They would protect small businesses, users, and private home grows.

  2. Next time you go to bed take a moment to reflect back on all the good people who wont rest tonight.. Who writhe in agonizing pain.. Who endure torturous seizures and can fall into that dark place at any moment. Think about the soldier who went through hell on earth.. The family who's lives are torn apart by Autism and Alzheimer.. If you still appose legalizing the only medication that gives them all back their lives simply because there pain will make you cash. Well, good luck sleeping.. Amend the future, Change now. End Prohibition.

  3. So many sock puppet accounts in the comments. YouTube, twitter, facebook, everything. The only people that are for RO are the socks. Lawless Rebelblood & his cut & past cronies. Don't believe the hype, there is NO fixing it after it's passed. the shitty foundation will still be lying underneath. Free market for all #NO2RO

    I'm sure just to get the license to be able to grow, we have to sign away any rights we have to them just coming in our grows when they see fit, without a warrant. Or we'll have to buy $100 RFID tags for each of the four plants they so graciously allowed us (after the original bill was written, because they didn't have a chance in hell before that was inserted)

    dirty little socks. RO uses them that way they can lie & aren't held accountable. Just try to add a comment or thumbs down one of the official RO videos. Might as well be blocking free speech at that point. Hell, they already sued the state over the language of the bill. They don't care about ohio one bit. #dollardollarbillyall

  4. The State needs money.  Why not make "pot" legal they did it for gambling.  I'm all for a cancer patient relieving their suffering.  I do believe the reports on "other" drugs being more dangerous than "weed" and that are actually legal but in my opinion this is clearly State greed. I can't get behind this because it decriminalize what blacks, whites and other groups have suffered for years by providing "weed" to it's customers. 

    When the government gets involved it seems more about money thatn a responsible government who for years upon years upon years made "pot" illegal now they want to make it legal?  Why? 

    Why not?  Why? what about the "current crop of dealers"?  Will they become the experts for the absolute best weed on the market?   Are they going to be employed?  And what about the current criminals who busted foot to azz to provide this "pot" to it's customer base?  Is their a testing process by which I just know I'm getting some good "shish" or is government regulation going leave out the the "gungi" those users and used too.  So your going to crush what has been a working formula at least for the recreational or harden user but for who? The State of Ohio!!!!

    I'm not buying it.  Human greed is at play.  And the Ohio people are nothing more than the current victims of a conspiracy to raise capital for the sake of the State.

    I'm Black.  Yes  I'm Black.  Yes I'm Black. Yep and I will fight tooth and nail to crush any attempts to make "weed" or any drug legal in my community yet you greedy son of
    have forgotten has destroyed the black community, yet here you come wanting to put a "weed" store in my community. 

    Where I have live for years and years and years with the consequences of addiction to drugs in my community.

    Un "Fkn" believable.


  5. Liers! He says there will be a preset number of grow facilities. New entrants will not be allowed beyond the 10 designated in the law. That is the very definition of a cartel! The people who will be owning and profiting from these predesignated growing facilities are the very same people who are paying canvassers to circulate the petitions! Does this not reek of coruption!?

  6. I'm all for pot being legalized, but having 10 companies which have already secured their contract for these facilities by financing 2 million dollars each towards this amendment if it passes, the ability to control the whole state of Ohio's cannabis industry by writing in their amendment that they will create a monopoly is just totally ridiculous. These people know what they are doing, and  I will never support a amendment that is actively trying to make a select number of millions into billionaires. There has to be a free market economy, or I rather not see it legal at all.

  7. Hes lying. It is a monopoly. Its like verizon competing with the verizon across town. The rich get richer and the rest of us get to buy mass produced shit weed. You really think they will spend the money it takes to do things proper?  Quantity over quality.

  8. im voting no. this idiot screwed us with the casinos and hes trying to screw ohio with legalization.  It will create low paying jobs.I know a lot of people that arent even on social media that are voting no.  Ian james is a pig trying to line his pockets with his cartel. He cares nothing about african americans being jailed and he cares nothing for the sick. I am registaered and everyone of my friends and family are voting no.

  9. they charge you 25000 a year to sell there weed. You are not a non profit religious group. Your just a bunch of corporation cronies trying to extract millions of dollars that was earn in Ohio and send it to the out of state 10 there needs to be a residency law !!! you cant extract money out of the Ohio economy and gave to a group of out of state investors. you piece of shit. Ohio money needs to stay in Ohio.

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