1. i dont think ive ever seen someone lose a debate as badly as she did, ahahahahah is there even anyone in the comments on her side? she doesnt comprehend legalizing it makes it the same as alcohol and then when you compare the two alcohol kills and destroys peoples lives.

  2. How can Nancy sit on your high horse like that, when alcohol causes so much damage. Legalization of pot shouldnt even be a dispute is should be a fact, especially because of alcohol. No overdoses have been ever recorded with just Marjuana. Always another drug involved. Those 2 year olds wouldve been treated like shit without pot because the parents are irresponsible, they could buy guy guns and alcohol and that's fine right Nancy? If hes pawning his camcorder hes got issues, that's why hes forcing a child to smoke, they will do this even without legalization.

  3. Yikes, This woman completely ridiculed herself and clearly doesn't know how to argue. This is why shes's on trash news and not a lawyer because she'd be a useless piece of shit like when an iPhone is dead.

  4. That's because legalizing a substance does not mean that it's entirely safe for anyone. Am I the only one who sees the huge flaw in her logic? He wouldn't give it to his daughter, Yeah? And? Fertilizer is legal but that doesn't mean it's responsible use to give it to an infant. Ah-doi!

  5. HER dumbass! because i dont let my 2yr old have pop for the sake of cavities, and so they’re not bouncing off the fucking walls. i cant support 21+ legal weed. there’s absolutely no fucking connection.

  6. cigarettes, alcohol & “prescription” pills would have DAMAGED that child more than the weed did, yet some how….all those are perfectly legal🥴 even tho they have warning labels saying MAY CAUSE DEATH😭like HOWW sway

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