"Radium Weed" – Why I used it as a "Skin Cancer Treatment"

UDPATE COMING SOON – another 9 years later (without using Radium Weed again unfortunately)… I had to have surgery. Subscribe to our channel to get this …


  1. Radium Weed worked for me on a similar-looking benign skin cancer on my nose that had been there for around 10 years sometimes erupting and raw, but never treated other than some calendula ointment to soothe. A couple weeks ago one afternoon I dabbed the affected area with the sap and within two hours a reaction started and by the next morning it had erupted into a festering weeping sore, a little painful and hot and causing my adjacent eye to profusely weep tears for a couple of days.
    I just left it undisturbed and gradually it dried and a scab formed over the next 3-days. One week later the scab fell off revealing clear unblemished skin and no sign of where the cancer has been. Early days to call it a cure I know, but very encouraging for sure given just one application of the sap.

  2. This radium weed is amazing. I had two aggressive cancer growths on my nose, put this sap on liberally, it turned red within minutes and within the next 2 days it crusted up and fell off. All that remains is two light brown liver spot marks. If I ever have cancer internally, I will ask any willing doctor to inject this sap to the affected area. So, if the spot on your skin is not cancer, you will not get the red skin reaction after applying this sap. Thanks for the upload and alerting others of this incredible weed.

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