rabbits and heatstroke/Binky is struggling. trying to stop seizures .

rabbits #heatstroke #keeprabbitcool #heatstrokeinrabbits #coolingmats.


  1. Thank you Steph for your very important advice and all your excellent tips. Bunnies are so susceptible to heat, especially a special needs bunny. Praying the heat will let up and you and Binky will get through the heat wave 🙏❤️

  2. Hi Steph and family! Sorry I am behind! You are doing everything possible for Binky. Bless you! Hopefully cooler temps will arrive. The world is like an oven right now. I really pray for you and Binky to be okay!♥️😻🙋‍♀️🐇❤

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that, I really hope Binky gets better and recovers. Poor guy so hot, you seem to be taking care of him really well I pray that Binky gets better and recovers with your help. Sending all my love and support to Binky ❤️

  4. Steph how is Binky Boo??
    Tasha is hanging in there.
    She finally ate some Oxbow piggie pellets.
    We have central air conditioning so heat isn’t an issue. Stupid vet said it was my fault cause I gave her a trim. I feel awful😢

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