Quinn Cannabis oil review

I get a bottle of Quinn cannabis oil from Tweed. This particular oil is a mix of different strains and suspended in sunflower oil. The terpenes have been removed …


  1. What a fantastic review. So detailed. Dude I plan to get the 20:1 oiled cbd oil from them. Have you tried it? Could u review that? They actually have 2 types which are high cbd low thc

  2. Just a question, after a week how has the oil been for you? the Quinn i picked it up after your review. also when you got your oil was the bottle completely full ? or 3/4 to the top ? I put it on my Grill Cheese 😛

  3. I have been using the oils for a few months and they have helped me greatly. I use around 10mg Thc with 10-20 mg of CBD and it lasts for hours. I use it 2-3 time daily and it helps alot.

  4. Thumbs up. Love the oils.
    Argyle Softgels are my go too, 4 knocks you on your ass, 3 is a good time, 2 for long gaming/back pain and 1 for going out
    THC 2.5 mg | CBD 4 mg.. And the baker Street ones

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