Psoriasis CBD Oil Treatment – Is this what really helped?

Not sure if it’s UVB light or CBD oil treatment or both that helped, but time to focus fully on CBD. My online diary: 2018-09-28: Things are getting bad …


  1. I had a sun damaged area on My Ear, it would grow a scab fall off bleed and start growing again, it was painfull to sleep on. I tried lotion for a year and it never helped. I started using 150mg CBD cream I bought at 7-11 for $20.00. After 3 months applying several times a day, Its gone and not growing the scabby skin, no bleeding and no ulcerated hole.

  2. CBD got me out of a wheelchair 10yrs ago after being in it for over a year. It relieved all my sciatica pain and after a few weeks I could start to walk albeit slowly. again. I would like to know if it has helped you with your psoriasis though, as a friend of mine, she's suffers with it, but mainly when stressed it flares up. Good luck if it did help. Dr's etc, will not say yes or no to it. I told my consultant about how it helped at the time, her words to me were " I didn't hear you say that!" but then goes on to tell my GP?????? Where is patient privacy.?

  3. Interesting video full of information on psoriaisis which can be chronic if not treated well. Every ailment depends on the lifestyle of a person and everyone should follow a healthy lifestyle along with correct ,medication . You can prefer planet Ayurveda for treatment in natural ways and manufacturing products with no side effects.

  4. Recently
    my aunt got diagnosed with chronic form of psoriasis.. when i get to know, i
    discussed this with one of my friend who is a doctor .. he suggested me about planet
    ayurveda's "psoriasis care pack " Now my aunt is doing fine and is
    much more relief than before and that too without any sde effect of steroids..

  5. I’m only 18 and I’m pretty certain that I have psoriasis as my dad also has this and also his mother so I guess it’s genetic, so I’ve had it for about a year now on my mid-upper back, shoulders and on my neck, It seems to mirror it’s self (not sure why). Sometimes it fades slightly and then one day it will come back out of nowhere, I have creams and stuff for it but nothing seems to be permanent, I also occasionally smoke weed and have done since I was 15 so I’m open to making it a daily thing if it gets rid of the marks on my neck, just wondering if anyone else has had any luck with getting rid off psoriasis with CBD

  6. If it’s difficult for you to go to the light treatments in your psoriasis or eczema is severe enough you can get a white cabinet paid for by your insurance company and delivered to your home I have Medicare and in my case I am visually impaired along with other disabilities and they paid for one to be installed in my home it’s a very simple thing they deliver it looks like an app right tanning bed you open it turn it on with the key and do your light therapy . Only problem is the device is somewhat big it’s sitting in the middle of my living room because right now I just have no other place to put it so it is what it is.

  7. I have had psoriasis now for 2-3 years (diagnosed at 51 yrs old). I recently started the UVB light therapy twice a week. I'm on my 7th treatment and still have not hit 2 minutes in the light box. I am seeing some changes in my psoriasis. Lighter in color and not as itchy but I am still finding more and more spots coming out. I have it on my face, hairline, ears arms, legs and back. I currently use Fluocinonide Ointment and CeraVe Lotion. My dermatologist said that if the light therapy does not help we will move on to oral medications which I am not happy about because of the side effects. I had a friend suggest CBD oil and i'm anxious to hear how it works for you! Please continue to update us! Thank you for what your doing! Glad to know i'm not alone in this frustrating journey! ~Wendy

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