Preparing To Flip to Flower Growing Cannabis with LED for Beginners

Preparing To Flip to Flower growing cannabis with LED for Beginners ok youtubers we are flipping the cannabis plants to flower so veg is over and its time to get …


  1. Next time you are transplanting put some newspaper under the plants. This way after you fill the bag/pot up you can lift the bag/pot up and pull the newspaper out from under said bag/pot and then fold the newspaper up and funnel the remaining soil into the bags/pots and you have zero mess to clean up.

  2. I'M at week 5 of veg ready to flip to flower, i'm only growing two plants in 1 gallon pots . do i need a trellis net and can i leave them in 1 gallon pots or do i need to put in bigger pots?

  3. Awesome stuff man, I also love growing, Iโ€™ve started my first indoor when it went legal in Canada, I also love playing warzone, if your ever down to play add me up man. Keep up the good work, love what Iโ€™m seeing so far, I just found your channel yesterday I think and subbed after the first video I watched

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