Power to the Patients! (ep.5) Cannabis Shrinks Prostate Tumors

November (or “Movember”) is men’s health awareness month, and 1 of every 8 will get prostate cancer, a leading killer of men. So why are the Cancer …


  1. Thanks for focusing on this subject. We need to get some solid control studies. I was diagnosed Oc. 3, 2015 with color doppler ultrasound biopsy. I took cbd:thc until Jan. 5 when I had a 3T multiparametric MRI of my prostate and it showed no shrinkage of tumor. I'm not witing this off because I was flying seat of pants. I'm going to try another oil starting next week from a more reputable distributor with patients who have had tumor shrinkage in lungs and brain. Will follow up.

  2. Thanks for the vid. Saw it just after you uploaded it and it had 102 views. Then checked it out yesterday but the view count didn't increase all day, despite me linking some friends, and seeing the "likes" go from 9 to 20. It finally went from 102 to 106 last night, and tonight it's only at 134. How is that even possible? It steadily rose from 0 to 102 in about 3 hours, then flatlined and wasn't seen by another person for a whole day?
    I guess we aren't supposed to be talking about this truth openly, yet. The official narrative is still that $300,000 chemo and radiation is the only way to treat cancer. Anyone speaking the truth is dealt with. In your case, you've provided scientific proof and you don't sound nutty, so they can't discredit you as a crackpot. All they can really do is manipulate your numbers to slow your progress. I take that as a sign you're on the right track!
    Meanwhile, millions of people are suffering from cancer that don't need to be. 🙁 When the world finds out how long they've been lied to and how bad the lie was, YIKES!

  3. Would be great if you both could give at least a hint where I could purchase Cannabis oil. (Did I got it right: Is it cannabis in the form of oil that you use in case you are sicK?) Not that I pesonally do have cancer, at least not that I am aware of …..but just in case that I or a relative needed it. I am located in Germany, and I have not read/heard about it over here. I either did not know where to puchase Cannabis. However, This is great info that you both provide. I am 100% confident that this way to treat illness is a promising way.

  4. I'm glad I live in Washington state. We've finally got pot legalized. Of course I can't use it since I have to maintain a commercial drivers license to keep my job as a heavy diesel truck mechanic. I take 100mg of "NovoDalin", often called vitamin B17 as a preventative. A friend of mine has a dog who had cancer. He got the dog chemo and some surgery and I also got him the 500mg version of what I take and he added that to the dog's medication. The cancer is now gone, at least for the time being. It's not proof that it works but its just another bit of evidence.
    Yes I'm doing movember. I shaved my stash and stopped shaving all this month so I have a rather small beard. I could, I think grow a goatee beard but I have very little beard action on my cheeks. Oh well. Anyway the cause I support for Movember is Vasalgel. It's basically an easily reversible vasectomy and once you get the little outpatient procedure done, you're infertile for 10 years or until you get it reversed (which is also an easy, inexpensive, outpatient procedure). I've been supporting this program since the rabbit study years about 3 years ago. Now the baboon study is in progress and it's already in human trials in India.
    Imagine being a young man or a teenager and have no fear of being railroaded into fatherhood against your will if you and your girlfriend end up having sex. If men can gain control of their own fertility, imagine how many aspiring welfare mothers who will have to find something else to do with their lives. She could be having sex with 2 or 3 thugs and every one of them could be infertile, laughing at her as she tries to spermjack them. And imagine all the guys with good jobs who are targeted by women who want babies and child support payments. And all these professional sports types who will suddenly be immune to all the gold digging whores who chase after them, trying to have their money baby.
    I hope you're not offended by my use of the word "whore". That's generally what you call someone who has sex for no reason other than money.

  5. Thank you so much for this encouraging news. Following your recent video on this subject, I decided to look further into the effectiveness of Hemp Oil as a cure for Parkinson's Disease and found encouraging information like this –
    My wife was diagnosed with this cruel, incurable disease 3 years ago, it has spoiled our otherwise happy life in retirement and I am desperate to find something that promises a brighter outlook for her/us before a cure is hopefully found.
    Coincidentally, having an enlarged prostrate myself along with the usual waterworks problems, I suffered terrible lower abdominal pains recently and thought I needed hospitalisation and surgery. Luckily, my doctor diagnosed a prostrate infection and I am taking anti-biotics but I have to have further tests. He does not suspect cancer is the problem but if I do end up with this, I have decided I do not want radiation/chemo, only as a last resort.
    A close neighbour of mine who'd had throat cancer and surgery a few years ago had to go for further chemo a few weeks ago and died later that day from a heart attack. That might have been a kindness.
    Some cancer research, or charity, website I read somewhere yesterday stated hemp oil did not cure cancer and it was just rumour. Would you have any useful links to counter the conflicting claims?
    Neverthless, I would try it in the first instance and hope to get some for my wife to try, along with her prescribed drugs, if safe. I should check with our doctor but he disapproved when I asked if it could help me with some problems and he said it can cause long-term psychotic effects. I thought it would be banned in the UK but it looks like I can, one being Granovita Organic Hemp Oil from Holland & Barrett, so will give it a go.

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