Pot and your health | What you want to know

Can you overdose on pot? CBD oil, THC and your brain. Dr. Brian Goldman and Heather Hiscox took your questions on about cannabis and your health ahead …


  1. My wife said you can not make an accurate study on marijuana based on opinions of someone who has never smoked it. A book that says marijuanabis as bad as meth should be in the fiction section at the library. This doctor is clearly biased against the usw of and doea not consider the redeeming quality of this natural God given plqnt.

  2. What a load of nonscence. Keep studying, doctor. I've smoked weed since I was 13. I'm 63. My life's been great, I'm in good health and my mind has always been enhanced by it, particularly when I was young. It helped greatly in teenage anger managment,, creativity, and intellectual pursuits.

    By the way, you've been driving next to people who smoked weed for 60 years. You've never been worried about it before. This stuff is all hype. No one needed a breathalizer when it was illegal. Why worry now? Hype and hypocrisy..

    The differance between alcohol and weed is, you know if your too high to drive. You don't care, if you drink.

  3. 14 days later…….. surprise surprise the country didnโ€™t go to hell๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ itโ€™s Cannabis not Heroin๐Ÿค” relax and maybe some a joint instead of Fearmongering ur sleep better @ night๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. Look, stoners will get the pot as a med. They will live off the tax payers as they do in California. They will smoke, and lay around all day drinking soda and eating chips. Hey, a documentary was done on this and the druggies were honest. They told the truth as they giggled. And they live in messy apartments paid for by the state. What a pathetic existence.

  5. Why are these two so nervous? They are both hyper! Why? Whatโ€™s going on there? Do they have a director making them rush? Where are they in a mall? The doctor looks like he just drank five coffees. The woman is a really nice looking lady and sheโ€™s mature. She really is very beautiful. Sheโ€™s a sharp thinker. In America weโ€™d never have a mature woman like her as an anchor. Nope. Older folks are worthless here. In America, they let the children lead. Sad. Younger people are less experienced!
    The doctor knows his stuff. That man is like a medical text book.

  6. Stupidity to ones own self pleasing interest. Cannabis is a F O O D………NOT A FREAKIN DRUG.! Any food or drug is bad if you consume to much of it. DUH!!! Only consume cannabis and THC at night before going to bad people.

  7. you do not get a "contact high" from marijuana. that's from touching someone who's high on acid. it's excreted in the sweat and you contact them – you get high from that

    the provinces DO NOT have legislation about smoking in apartments or condos – that's the condos themselves that are making those rules. cbc you actually have reported on this several times today

    the only thing i've heard him say that's correct is Don't Drink and Smoke

    i agree with many commenters in the live feed – you could have got someone that actually knew something about the subject. you've had much better coverage of this

  8. I know you can be stopped and prevent from entering at the US borders if you smoked pot no matter if you smoked it when you were just a teen. So, better not smoke it at all unless you don't plan on ever travelling.

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