1. Ok. Your on point to a large degree. There are three things I personally look for in an American pot penny stock. If that stock dose
    not hit that standard it's a no go for me. 1 brick and mortar stores. 2 selling our products bouth medically and recreationally. 3 an in house grow operation. It is true when pot goes legal at the federal level in the United States of America. The big boys will come out and play and buy up secssful operations. That's where the money will be made for savvy investors in this space. Play it long and wise as I can't see this occurring in the United States for at minimum 5 to 6 years from now. I looked at Altria. They have no plans as of yet getting into the market on this but when they do along with the beverage that are big look out. Till then happy hunting and watch your 6. Davis out.

  2. Totally agree. I will only invest in companies that are actually solid in their business and fundamentals. I have no use for speculative buys on whatever hot keyword is trending at the moment (which happens to be marijuana recently). If there were an MJ stock that actually had completely solid fundamentals and a great business and EPS outlook for the future, I'd totally be on board, problem is, I haven't found one yet…

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