Police & Prisons Are Fighting Marijuana Legalization In California

Roughly half of the money raised to oppose a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in California is coming from police and prison guard groups, …


  1. Fuck legalization in California. It pretty much sets up a complete monopoly over Cannabis in the hands of some greedy fucks. Why the fuck can't the government ever let us have something that they don't have 100% control over? Bunch of greedy pigs that deserve to be slaughtered like the pigs they are. Even comparing them to pigs is insulting to all swine across the world. The way the law is set up now is 1,000,000 times better than how it will be with recreational sales as proposed by the bills. The power is in the hands of the common people. Legalization puts the power in the hands of the rich and greedy fucks.

  2. yes blame the police …its not crypto jews and zionists its the police sure i'll buy that when the devil climbs out of sinkhole… in the meantime sheldon adelson is funding the opposition to mj legalization ….while he funds israeli right wing who are pro medical marijuana …israel is strides ahead of all nations in mj research but yea its the police dont blame israel..

  3. Then a cop will have the nerve to say oh we dont make the laws dont be mad at us. Were just here to enforce whats on the books. Yet when any legalization conversation come ups police officials are out there strong spewing their propaganda and bullshit

  4. im a medical user but i am against recreational.. this means that it will be monopolized and big tobacco will take over just like they are doing with ecigs.. so no, i am completely against recreational, leave it medical. did you know that if you get caught with marijuana you can only get a fine now, no one is allowed to be arrested for pot so this is 100% false

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