Papa & Barkley Releaf CBD Tincture (Nugg 2019 Tincture Review)

Curious how full-spectrum cannabis oil can help you achieve pain relief and a better state of wellness? Matt Noah is one of Nugg’s resident cannabis testers, …


  1. Great video good solid info minus the useless bs! I suffer from ptsd and panic attacks. The 1 : 1 whole body relief tincture seems to really relax me. I’ve only been taking it at night before bed and it really helps me sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. Great product and awesome video! 🙏🏻 Thanks

  2. I am using your 30:1 CBD Rich Tincture. What does that ratio mean? The box says "total mg" 923.84 CBD and 28.77 THC. What does that mean? Do you have a more preferred Tincture for acute arthritic pain? How do I purchase direct from you?

  3. I work for Papa & Barkley 💪 thank you for using your platform to help spread awareness, 2020 is going to be a crazy year, lot's of new products to stay tuned for 😉

  4. If you can please help me figure this out that would be great; do the tinctures have sugar such as the 1 to 30 and 1 to 1 ratio. I have a sugar free lifestyle that I’ve been holding onto for a long time. And if I mistakenly take sugar it would be a bummer. Thank you in advance

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