Pain Doctor's Opinion on CBD

My personal journey and experiences with CBD as an anesthesiologist and pain physician. This is my very first Youtube video! I go through and give some …


  1. Dr. Lam You are a Doctor who I trust before you I was in pain for 9 months with no help from the pass doctors. You know my 🏃‍♂️ with pain before you. I can honestly say you gave me hope when I had lost all hope. You respected my wish of not getting hooked on narcotics. And when you came to me about CBD oil I was reluctant to try it. I went away and thought about it for 3 months. And did my own research. I have been using CBD OILS almost a year come October. Before CBD oils the pain relief of choice for my type of pain was narcotics. Which I hated the out of the mind and body feeling. And I had the fear 😨 of been hooked on narcotics and perhaps dying from them like so many people have in the pass. Fast forward I decided to give CBD oils a try knowing I was not locked into it and having you there to monitor my pain incase it did not work for me. I can honestly say I found relief with CBD Oils with my Chronic Pain, mood swings and my relationship with others. THIS is not to say it works for everyone. It works for me, because I am not into been out of mind on narcotics or any other mind alternative substances..I prefer the release of the pain without the feeling of in another zone. With CBD Oils those feelings are not there. I can sleep without the worry of not waking up like I did with the narcotics or the fear of OD on CBD oils. Hearing people like Prince dying from those narcotics it really made me afraid and I thank you for keeping me in mind to try an alternative means for my Chronic Pain. I know too if this stops working for me I have you to help me. And I know too you are monitoring my use of CBD Oils. Thank you for sharing this video and thank you again for RX me CBD Oils as an alternative for my Chronic Pain and mood swings. Before you I was a train wrecked.. I did not like myself much… You helped me to find hope and coping skills for my Chronic Condition with no reversal to it. Thank you for that…

  2. Your videos are easy to understand and so informative! You’re the BEST Dr. Jack! If YOU tell me it’s a good brand and you trust it I am going to throw away brands that I have purchased but have not given me the results I was hoping for and switch to your recommendation!

    So TIRED of spend big bucks for epic fail results!

    Thanks again👍🏻

  3. Hi Doctor Jack! It's truly wonderful to see you. Congrats on you channel.

    I'm really grateful for your willing to share your knowledge & expertise about CBD on top of everything else you do as a doctor.

    BTW, 15 minutes with zero snoozing 😄
    I've already learned a lot especially about CBD helping not only with pain but also with the other issues induced by it like inability to sleep, anxiety, moodiness etc.. also about it having almost no side effects compared to #opiates or even over-the-counter #pain meds

    I'm looking forward to learning more from you. Maybe you could share some patient stories with CBD that you've witnessed or know of.

    One question that I have so far. What method of taking #CBD has proven most effective for pain? Pills, liquid form or some other way?

    All the best


  4. Thanks so much! You did great for a first video 😁. SO true how it helps with the “pain moodiness”! I’ve been in pain for as long as I can remember, once I was on the right dose with GC… wow! It’s like a breath of fresh air! Can’t wait to hear more from ya

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