Outdoor Grow Cannabis Salvage Work and Snow Damage Update, Freeze Signs weed

outdoorgrow #snow #damage #September. thanks everyone for the positivity I really do appreciate everything the thumbs ups and comments. we’ve had a very …


  1. I tried saying in the last vid they weren't completely dead. People tried saying they were completely toast. Had it happen to me before. Depends on the strain. Some can survive a little snow.

  2. I suppose wit a lot of effort there is quite some plants to be saved. I am from Amsterdam and we dont have these huge farms (no space plus illegal). Its impossible unless you do this indoors, but the fines are ridiculous when caught.On topic: I would love to come over to stay at your farm for a few days and work on it for free. I grow for about 35 years. But never seen such a farm this size. I always use the White widow strain as this works well in our rainy climate.Maybe next year the Northern Lights. Thanx for your great vid buddy! Greetz form Amsterdam!

  3. Damn 😢 ! It was hot as shit last week in California, maybe run auto-flowers next round ? I think in the Middle East the locals wait till it snows to harvest. A little too early on your ladies though. Hey at least you saved some of your harvest . California doesn’t have any snow where I’m at , but we do got backyard boogie experts! 🤬💯👍🏻

  4. They survived 😱awesome bro!!!! They're going to make it nice I'm so happy I really thought that was the end of you this year 👏👏👍👌
    I love it keep it going 👍😁👍 shout out from Central California!!

  5. So happy to see this video. I'm glad it wasn't all lost!! Your grow videos have taught me everything I know about growing. This is my 3rd summer growing outdoors way over here in North East oregon. That last video broke my heart. So so happy to see this post today!!!! Good luck and happy growing!!!

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