Oral CBD Oil vs Transdermal CBD Cream – A Floyd's of Leadville & Charlotte's Web CBD Review

I share my experience of taking oral CBD oil vs transdermal CBD cream. I review two products: Charlottes Web oral CBD oil full spectrum hemp extract and …


  1. Honestly try the whole flower cbd. Its better just to make your own ointments and edibles. You can easily make an ointment with cbd concentrate, myrhh resin and frankincense resin and coconut oil. All you have to do is melt in in the coconut oil and just infuse the resins. Can also be done with the fresh herb. I like cbd better than thc i get no anxiety from it

  2. I compound CBD products on a small scale including transdermal dsmo creams. Every single customer I have noticed a huge difference when we switched from a purely isolate based formula to one that includes dry extracted locally grown hemp.

  3. I would love to see you make a video about diet and how it relates to your autoimmune disease. Things like gluten, dairy, alcohol and artificial colours and additives can worsen the symptoms of some autoimmune disorders.

  4. Hey I understand that your are an advocate for harm reduction. I was wondering if it is possible to make a smokable L herb blend using a tincture. I would be using a whole bottle of pure liquid.

  5. You should try sublingual administration with the oral CBD. I just keep the oil under my tongue for about 8 minutes then swallow it. I’ve noticed that the effects come on quicker and are stronger. The under side of the tongue is very vascular so this lets the cbd pass right into the blood stream. I couldn’t find any studies but this is my personal experience.

  6. I have severe chronic pain as well, ive had great success using CBD sublingually, if you don't mind the taste try holding it under your tongue, it surpasses the digestive system and absorbs into the bloodstream faster and more efficiently

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