1. I used the Download button that pops up above the video. There isn't one (that I can find, of course I'm no computer genius) for part 1. I'll look into your suggestions, BTW I like your OO videos, are you from/in Oakland?

  2. @Zebras ur an idiot after the deadly dui they do a drug test on the corpse..helllllllllo mcfly….if they had weed in their system they would have said the driver was under the influence of marijuana…once again 0 death….

  3. @ZebrasFromHell – People obviously die in strange ways (some even on the toilet!) so I agree it would not be surprising to hear someone who was high, died, and it was related to an activity they were involved with. For example if they are around drug dealers and get shot, or go mountain climbing after getting super stoned… These things happen, but they are not caused by marijuana, the point is there is no medical link, mostly it is referring to cancer etc.. No link can be found

  4. @ZebrasFromHell – Anything is possible of course. However the risks you mention are the same risks people take while talking on their cellphone, or even thinking about work while they are driving for example. This could lead to a wreck, and we should not go banning cell phones for all use… Just dont allow them to drink and use the cell, and dont allow them to smoke weed while in a car, the same risks and warnings are on pain medications or even cold medication.

  5. @songediter2000 I personally don't smoke marijuana but at the same time I'm not against its medical benefits. With that being said however, I doubt there has never been a death where marijuana was not a factor in the outcome of death. By that I mean marijuana may have not been the direct cause of death by could've been a factor such as a person who's vision or judgement was affected by marijuana while driving and led them to be killed in a car accident.

  6. @cgrfc1

    Cannabis is bad for the developing brain. For fully developed people there is a positive affect on depression (usually) but drugs effect people in different ways. Sure some people don't get the benefit but why should that mean the vast majority of people who would benefit should suffer?

  7. Smoked it from 16 to 18 quit about 6 months ago and am so much happier it made me depressed for a whole year and I didnt even realise it till I quit. It unmotivates u makes you paranoid and socially awkward I feel

  8. I would be nice to save some trees, but I feel that amerka would be stupid and try to smoke paper, clothing, & ropes and end up dying from the additional chemicals used to make them…and I bet anyone who owned a weed farm would keep some for him and his workers…weed is better than tobacco, but it still screws with your head, worsens memory and(temporarily) changes your way of thinking.

  9. @TerrellWalkerMusick – Actually I think the problems will exist until the PEOPLE of the world realize we are all in this together. This video is about marijuana, not black people. Do you seriously think its about the color of your skin? Its not about black and white, its about rich and poor… Quick helping them cover up their crimes by blaming racism when it is clearly power and profit driven. There is still racism around, but greed and power still run the show, race is only a distraction

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