Opening a Trulieve Medical Marijuana Haul – Truclear co2 Distillate, Rosin, & Syringe Warmer

Yesterday I got some co2 Truclear syringes, Rosin, and a syringe warmer from the Trulieve Panama City Beach location. The Rosin is 9 lb. Hammer and the co2 …


  1. I was confused about how to take the tip off too, they seriously should’ve included instructions. It seemed obvious to me that it had to come off somehow though lol, how could you get anything out if you didn’t?

  2. What's sucks is that my concentrates back in Colorado I could get them for 18 out the door. Will just have to settle once I get my email from the state. Lol. Some good quality stuff though. My buddy let me try some things of his. Some good quality!!!

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