Ohio Family Moves to Colorado for Daughter's Medical Marijuana | Weed Revolution

Adam and Heather Benton uprooted their lives to move across the country this April to provide their daughter, Addyson, with medical marijuana for her myoclonic …


  1. Who in the hell does the government think they are? Look, you'll not be granted one right that you don't stand up for with your neighbor. This problem exists because people do not overwhelm the government. This should be taken by force. That God damn well taken away from us by force!

  2. As the state I live in its very sad to hear about this and seeing this almost two years later our steps in the "right direction" have been minuscule to what they could be at if we really put our effort into this. Its so sad and disappointing.

  3. CBD is the Cure.

    but CBD compound works most effectively when it's combined with low doses of THC in the Hemp oil itself.

    the government has a patent on CBD from 2006 I encourage all of you to look it up and do your research and it's not hard to find it's very easy and the information is available on Google just by simply doing a basic search

  4. Legalization may not be a good thing if one company gets to monopolize the whole system and charge a fortune. Instead it should be completely decriminalized so that anybody can grow it and use it as they see fit. (Just like tomatoes.)

  5. NOTE THIS:  In the commercial promoting legalization of marijuana in Ohio, the mother claims the girl was having over 1000 seizures a day  – here she's claiming it was 100 a day.  Am I the only one that has picked up on this?   In a 24 hour day, there are only 1440 minutes.

  6. Incredible. Thanks for sharing. I've worked to legalize cannabis since 1991 knowing that it was critical medicine for people (including me) and this story makes so many afternoons lobbying worthwhile.

  7. Everybody is so careful to reiterate that there's no THC in it, so she can't get high.  As if that would be dangerous.  They have to though because of the perception of the ignorant public.  I'm glad Addyson is doing better.  Being from Ohio, I'd like to move too.

  8. I would love that on a federal level we can legalize medicinal use. I don't care how you feel about Marijuana, you can't deny it's medicinal value. Also, as extremely happy as i am to see them happy, I'm selfish and want my state of Colorado to not get so dang flooded with Marijuana Refugees, for all it's uses. 🙂

  9. Nice job Emily! Seeing the part in your vid about how the med's were made while controlling the heat so as not  to enhance the psychoactive properties of the THC was a unique and welcome bit of information that a lot of writers/editors have failed to bring to light. This helps to emphasize that it's all about the medicine and not the buzz. DON'T GET ME WRONG! I like the buzz, and the buzz likes me! But the buzz is the first things that unknowlegable voters think of, and this proves different. GREAT job Ms. Maxwell

  10. Feels so good to see the truth once in a while fed up of the scare mongering its pathetic and glad to know rhat they know what thca and thca are if the government recognised this then only burnt cannabis would be illegal .

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