Numerology for No.7 (With Subtitles), मूलांक 7, जन्मांक 7, Birth Date 7, Mulank 7

All about those born on 7th, 16th or 25th any month by Legend of India award Recipient Astro Numerologist Swetta Jumaani. For more updates like me on …


  1. Hello ma'am , I born on 16 June. I have lack of confidence and I also want to learn psychology , bit some how I lack in in both what should I do. PLZZ and ma'am I want to achieve something in my life. PLZZ help

  2. No worries Swetta Jumani that's okay. As even I'm a number 7 born and have seen and still experiencing the worst days I would say Hell in this earth but can you please let me know whether is there any chance for me to flourish or things will become better in life? Also just to let you know that you look Awesome. I like you. My DOB is 16/09/1983 Name is William Daniel Fernandes, place of birth is Mumbai Maharashtra, Time of birth is 20:16 (8:16PM). Honestly speaking I've completly lost my faith and trust in God as well due to so much of things. Please help me. Will be grateful for your help. Help means guide me what should I do or what gemstones should I wear etc. As of I'm wearing a Firoza, Tigers eye stone and Ruby.

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