1. Fantastic product. I have severe PTSD tried half a dropper of it last night for the first time yesterday and it helped alot will definitely be buying a bigger bottle

  2. Ever try Provacan CBD oil? Instead of 1mg per drop, they offer 3mg per drop at roughly the same price. They're overseas with strict regulations. I'm using it right now, but I've been dying to try Nuleafs to see how theirs is compared to this one I have.

  3. Thank you for the coupon code. NuLeaf is awesome, I’ve been using them since Nov 2018, bought the 1.69 fl oz 2425 mg bottle and it’s March 2019 and this will be my second and third bottle. I’m in Jersey where I can find CBD everywhere but I trust NuLeaf before I trust anyone else. Blessings.

  4. I called them today and asked if I would bust a drug test. They said they get people that call them often saying they busted a drug test lol I just bought some , now I’m like damn

  5. It says one drop is 2.4 mg of Cbd . I’m new and never have tried it. Should I just do 1 drop . You said 15 drops for that not seem like a lot . Also I’m afraid of felling high of this . I don’t want no high feel what so ever.

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