Northern Harvest – Forte Hybrid Cannabis Oil Unboxing Review – 20ml @ 20.93mg THC/ml + Terpenes

This is the Northern Harvest Forte Hybrid Cannabis Oil. It’s finally time to open it up and give it a taste. This stuff apparently has terpenes in it which I’ve never …


  1. Thank you SO much for posting this! I ordered one for my dad and it didn't have a protective seal when he opened it and unfortunately he used it before realizing. We think someone stole from it. Was yours full to the top because like an inch of ours was missing. I hope it wasn't laced… especially with covid now, it's not good. Can I ask you, ours was packaged 10 months earlier which is a long time to be sitting around. When you buy yours, is the pack date on the box fairly recent?

  2. I think there is a misconseption about how many mg of thc are actually in these products. That bottle is prolly 20mg of thc for the bottle. No way its 400mg and for that price. Have you noticed how all edibles, oils are priced? Its all equal too paying $1 per 1mg of thc. Example…Tweed drinks say its 2mg per ml. Theres 355 ml in a can so thats 710mg thc per can and its $4 per can.. Hell no! Its 2mg of thc per whole can. Thats why I dont buy them. Its a compete waste of money unless you have a low tolerance.

  3. can you still taste it when you burp . that's what I find happens to me . I was wondering when you were going to do the video for this one . I just spent $360. on two orders on stuff I didn't need but I wanted to try . lol theirs something very wrong with me, I think . I just order the other two kiefs . to try . and the rain drops. and some more DENMAN from broken coast. man that stuff just f en reek's omg it reek's . it's my favorite of the 3 new ones . I smoked one on sunday I had the window open and next door to me could smell it . LOL

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