NJ Marijuana | Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey – New Jersey Weed Laws – NJ Weed Legalization

New Jerseyans will be voting on recreational cannabis this November! New Jersey cannabis lawyer, Jessica F. Gonzalez, joined us to discuss what the …


  1. There not considering home growing for rec or medical. We have to ban together and vote NO to legalization. It’s the only way we can get our voices heard. Stick it to them. They want legalization so they can make money only. They care about nothing else. Vote NO for legalization!!!!!

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  3. I'm not a politician just a 54 year old man. I truly believe if new Jersey legalizes marijuana to adults over 21. I think nj would make millions in revenue for police and social services and infrastructure of new Jersey. . And I also believe people that take opiates or other schedule 2 drugs would slowly discontinue these medications because marijuana offers the same effects. I think it would be a win win. I believe people take these schedule 2,s are because marijuana is illegal and these strong schedule 2,s are allowed. There should be a age of 21 or older and I think use should not be done in public or while driving a vehicle. Penalty for use in public 500 fine or couple days in jail or 1 week community service drive a car and smoking marijuana in a vehicle, mandatory 3 month loss of drivers license and a 1000 dollar mandatory fine . Have to be stern with that. Only indoors. I think New Jersey would grow economically , more than New York within 5 years due to this pandemic and everyone in New York fleeing the city, lol, only joking. I even think alcohol use will be lowered as well. What is a marijuana overdose compared to schedule 2 overdoses and alcohol. Much worse I believe. Colorado already reach 1 billion in tax revenue since 2014. We have some counties that are broke. Not saying I'm correct.

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